Monday, February 4, 2013

Conflict of Interests

I have been in such a "nesting" mood lately! I want to go buy a cute little house and decorate the whole thing! Me and Natalie used to always talk about how when we were adults we would buy a little house together, but now that we are adults and at that place in our lives we have come to the realization that it would actually be a bad idea to do that. With our luck we would buy a house and then shortly after one of us would get married or decide to move away (like me moving to France or something wonderful like that), therefore leaving the other poor sister with a house to pay for and keep up on. So since I can't have a cute little house to decorate I keep wanting to do stuff to my room, but there is only so much you can do with, and to, one bedroom! I am slowly but surely finishing building my bookcase, which is one big project that I have had. And I want to buy a new chair for my room....I just have the big round, nylon chair that I've had since before college and it needs to go. It just doesn't quite fit with the Paris/French theme to my room. But I'm really poor right now because January through March are the slowest times at work. So on the one hand I am super nesty, wanting a place of my own, etc but on the other hand I am, as usual, wanting to run off on an adventure and go to all sorts of different places! These 2 things do NOT go hand in hand. One can't buy a house and then run off and travel the world, it is highly unpractical. Therefore I am choosing the second option and shall travel the world and enjoy my freedom and simply suffer through all of these decorating, renovating and redoing urges that I have. I am blaming Pinterest and HGTV for all of this. They inspire me and I have no outlet for all of that inspiration! Ugh!
I suppose that since I am single, free and wild that I should take advantage of that and see and do all that I can....and I fully intend on doing so. Hopefully Hawaii this year, Africa (a missions trip with my parents) next year, and who knows where else! And of course hopefully back to France sometime in the near future. This girl will not survive much longer without a trip back to France. I will simply wilt and wither away :( I need the following: to be surrounded by the beautiful sound of French floating through the air, to be walking through the winding streets of Montmarte, to be enjoying the amazing view of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, and catching a breezy lunch along the Seine River.
I have just come to the realization that my next weekend with nothing planned is the 2nd weekend in April. This is just depressing. How can a 23 year old have sooooo much happening in her life?! I feel like time is simply slipping away from me! How is it already February of 2013?! Why am I always sleep deprived?! And I don't get a legit vacation until August :P That seems like an eternity away. Oh well... I shall work hard and then do whatever I please when my vacation comes. I have this great dilemma when it comes to my money, since I am so poor right now I have to prioritize how to use my meager funds. I obviously have my rent, phone, car payment and car insurance every month but outside of that I must decide which of the following I should spend what little I have left on. There is 1) French classes (I am already missing this 10 week session due to lack of funds), 2) Rue's advanced training class (she's graduating from intermediate tomorrow night! *fingers crossed* lol!) or 3) glasses (I've had these ones for almost 2 1/2 years and therefore should have my eyes rechecked and my glasses are getting loose from getting knocked about by dogs at work all the time). I do have eye insurance so my check up would be covered. And I think my lenses and part of my frames would be covered as well. Soooo if I miss ANOTHER session of French classes then I could probably do Rue's advanced classes AND my glasses...but I REALLY hate missing French class :( And I can't take French during the summer because they switch the class schedule and then it doesn't fit with my work schedule. I feel like I get behind when I take time off and have to spend the first few weeks playing catch up. And I loose my comfort-ability speaking in French, and I resort back to my self-conscious, scaredy-cat ways (aka rarely say anything in French and have to have it all perfectly thought out in my mind before saying it out loud) I hate having to make these responsible decisions. I just need to be a millionaire :) I would simply use my tax returns for all of this but I'm putting most of the money on my car and keeping the rest to put towards my vacation. I'm hoping to have my 3 year car loan paid off in 2 years! Then I will have all that extra money every month to put towards other things! Such a glorious thought. Extra money, who doesn't like that!?

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