Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bitter thoughts

My thought for the moment:

When life gives you lemons: squirt them in someone else's eyes.

Why? Because A.) then you won't be miserable by yourself and B.) it will bring some humor into your miserable situation....I know it's a rather sadistic and bitter thought...but that just happens to fit my current mood.

So if you just talked to me and your eyes are burning I apologize...I might have just squirted you with some lemon juice.

Over-analyzing, Jesus and the Masquerade

I have a serious case of senioritis. And it got cold again. And I'm over-analyzing my life. All of this combines for a somewhat unsatisfied Abby. I was happy when it was sunny and kinda warm out. But now it's all gray, cloudy and cold :P and that makes for a sad Abby. And I have no motivation to do anything...especially school related. And then there's the problem of me not being able to get my brain to quit working in overdrive. I keep trying to figure everything out and thinking of all the different things I should have done or said in different situations...when in reality it's all wasted time because all those things said and done can't be changed anyways so it doesn't really matter anymore! So easy to say and think, but soooo hard to actually do! I don't remember ever being this analytical...but it seems that I am horribly so! Good thing I'm running on hardly any sleep so I just automatically fall right asleep at night cuz I know if I wasn't overtired then I'd be lying in bed all night long thinking. But due to yesterday's chapel I have come to the realization that I haven't been trusting God as much as I should or used to and have been trying to figure a lot of things out on my own...and that never works or gets you anywhere. So we are fixing that little problem and giving the driver's seat back over to Jesus :) So now my life should be better! *starts singing "Jesus Take the Wheel" loudly and obnoxiously* On a happier note I am going to Starbucks tonight!!! Yay! It's my first Starbucks in a week...which if you know me well at all, is a VERY long time for me to go without Starbucks. There's a business meeting at church so we're not required to go, so we are cleaning the student lobby and then I'm going to get me some coffee with all of my besties. It should be a good time! And I have to go to Meijer today cuz I'm running out of food and plastic ware...and we all know that I love going to Meijer! :) I always have fun when I go grocery shopping...besides, me + aisles of food = complete happiness. I think I have a problem and I don't mind admitting it: I love food. I just realized that I really only have 2 months of school left...this is bittersweet. I cannot wait to be done with school but I REALLY don't want to leave me friends :( they complete me. I will be lost without them. I shall cry...and I HATE crying...I never cry...unless it's in church...and then it's ok cuz I'm talking to Jesus. Which I've done a lot of the last 2 days...and man have we had some good conversations. I just wish He would have done a little more talking...but sometimes He likes to be quiet.

Now for a synopsis of the Valentine's Day Masquerade: it went very well actually! I wore my mask...without glasses (miracles never cease) and it was ok. I wasn't a huge fan of it cuz I feel weird without my glasses and I think I look a little funny, but the mask kinda helped with that anyways. So I wore my mask 2 different times throughout the night, mainly for pictures sake. The best entertainment of the night was not the entertainment that was provided for us, but rather was Mitchell McCann....I'm so glad he sat at our table! :) there was a lot of stabbing the table with a plastic knife and burning of spoons in the candle... And afterwards was a good time of hanging out at Toby's house til curfew. Have I ever mentioned that I love my friends? Candra did my hair, and did a fabulous job on it :) and then when back in my room and chatting, Deandra just starting taking it down and then put it back up and so I then had wonderful hair for the next 2 days..because we all know that if I'm going to go to the trouble of curling my hair it's going to last me a couple days (don't worry I always wash it right before curling it) So overall I think it was a rather successful night. Anyhoo I think it's either nap time or grocery shopping time....or going to Goodwill with Toby and Ro...any of those options sound pretty amazing to me. Ciao!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Glorious Weather and Spaghettios

I just might be in love with this weather!!! But I'm trying really hard not to be...because it's February...therefore it won't cynical side (sometimes called pessimistic...but I refuse to believe that) is keeping me in check and telling me that 50 and 60 degree weather in Feb is not here to stay. And that in a few weeks it will probably be snowing again and cold. But I'm enjoying the weather while it's here! I definitely went to Starbucks yesterday to do some studying and I got a Java Chip Frapp and sat was glorious! I wish it would stay, but I know it won't :( As long as we don't get any more ice I'll be fine. 

So I'm totally broke but needed some groceries so I went to Wal-Mart and bought some cheap food...which means things like Spaghettios...I was actually pretty excited about this because it's been prolly about 10 yrs since I've had spaghettios (no joke). So I opened the can up this afternoon and popped it in the microwave. I was excited to eat them because they hold many a good childhood memory with them....and so I took the first bite...and was terribly disappointed...while it did bring back many good memories from when I was little it was not bringing up any good thoughts at the moment. They aren't terrible but they're kinda sweet and I've never been a fan of sweet spaghetti...and they just don't taste that great. So I suppose that every time I eat them (since I didn't eat the whole can in one sitting) I will just have to think about when I was little and Nate loved them so every time he would watch me and Natalie for our parents we would eat either spaghettios or ravioli for lunch and/or dinner. Those were good times...and I loved eating it then because my mom wouldn't ever buy stuff like that for us, so it was a treat! Now...I'm wishing I didn't have to buy stuff like that! Oh the joys of being a college kid. At least I have not lowered my standards and still to this day have never eaten Ramen noodles. Shocking, I know...a college kid that has never eaten Ramen...yes they do exist...I am living proof! Nor have I ever eaten White Castle...something Toby and Danny try to get me to do on a weekly basis...they have not succeeded and never will! I shall remain a White Castle virgin til I die. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Masquerades, Valentine's Day and why I don't hate it.

So today is Feb 14...a day of love. Seeing as how I have been single my entire life, most people would assume that I hate this holiday like most other single people do. But for some reason I have always loved Valentine's Day. This probably stems from a couple of different reasons...1. I love chocolate and everyone gets chocolate on Valentine's Day...even if you buy it for yourself ;) 2. I love my daddy and my daddy loves me =D I am always guaranteed to feel uber loved on Valentine's because of my Dad. I'm sure to always have either roses or a nice present waiting for me. 3. I like flowers. My daddy, and on occasion my brother, always gets me flowers. So basically it's a day when I get spoiled and don't even need a boyfriend! I feel special and loved all day long. My mom always calls me to tell me how much she loves me, as do my brother and sister. So while the rest of the single people of the world are out moping and moaning I'm living it up because I'm taking full advantage of the love that is already around me instead of wishing I had more. Yes, I know there is a difference between the love of your family and that of a boyfriend/husband, but after you've gone 21 yrs without it, what's one more!? I also know how blessed I am to be surrounded by all of this wonderful love and support because I'm not naive enough to think that everyone else has a family like me. Another thing Valentine's is good for...making you realize how lucky and blessed you are to have the people around you that love you as much as they do. So while I may be single, that will never stop me from thoroughly enjoying Valentine's Day and all of the wonderful things that come with it, like mushy cards from the parents, flowers from my daddy, chocolate from friends and family and lots of hugs from everyone!

On another note, this Valentine's Day is being celebrated around IBC with a masquerade...something of which I am very skeptical. (when am I not a skeptic tho!?) Greta has made me an amazing mask and I have bought a new shirt/dress to wear...I love excuses for having to buy new clothes! =D Candra is going to curl my hair so that it won't take me 10 yrs to do it why am I skeptical? Because the thought of me in a mask is not my favorite thought ever. Why do I care? Because I am a girl and therefore I have this innate feeling built into me that I must always look decent (which, ok let's be real...most days I don't, but whatever.) and so if I feel funny wearing the mask I will not feel as if I look decent and then my night will not be a happy one because I will not be satisfied. Good thing I have wonderful friends who love me and will be with me the whole evening and won't care what I look like. So....I'm just not going to care, because that is the only solution I can come up with and it sounds like a good one to me. This could possibly turn into the most fun and amazing night of my life if I just don't I think it sounds like a wonderful plan =D I think I shall go and wear my mask and be the life of the party...the Pentecostal party that is ;) This night shall be a success.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coughing, Ice and a MN trip

I'm sick. Blech. I avoided it for a month and then it finally caught rude. And of course it happens at the WORST possible time ever since tomorrow I am leaving for MN to do music for our youth week at therefore I have come to the conclusion that amazing things are going to happen this weekend if all of this bad stuff is happening now. Like on Tuesday I was trying to burn cds for all of the musicians and singers that are going up with me and my computer started acting up out of nowhere and I couldn't burn them...thankfully Greta had all of the music on her computer too so I was able to use hers...and then Greta got sick right after recording and is still trying to get over it, Elijah got sick, I got sick and I think Deandra is getting the only logical conclusion is that Jesus is going to do something AMAZING otherwise none of this would be happening. But it won't change anything, cuz we're still gonna go and we're still gonna sing...even if it isn't as pretty as it originally would have been :) I am now surviving off a ridiculously large amount of liquids, Dayquil, vitamins, and cough drops...I for real think I'm going to hack a lung up. And now I'm going to sound like a man cuz I've been coughing so much. :P That's always attractive. On a brighter note....we didn't have school the last 2 days!!! But my car was also encased in an inch of ice...which took for ever and a year to get off...I had to have Mike come get my car door open for was frozen solid. Half of my car is still encased in ice...I find it highly entertaining when I go over a bump because I hear my whole car crack and creak because it's jolting all of the ice...makes me giggle :) I can't use my windshield wipers cuz they are still completely frozen, I didn't have time to break the ice off of them before work hopefully I won't need them!!! We don't get ice storms like this in MN cuz it never gets warm enough in the winter....Indy weather is psycho. But I don't mind it too much cuz it got me out of school for 2 days :) Anyhoo I suppose I should go pack...or get out of my pjs...or do my hair....ya know make myself look human...