Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coughing, Ice and a MN trip

I'm sick. Blech. I avoided it for a month and then it finally caught rude. And of course it happens at the WORST possible time ever since tomorrow I am leaving for MN to do music for our youth week at therefore I have come to the conclusion that amazing things are going to happen this weekend if all of this bad stuff is happening now. Like on Tuesday I was trying to burn cds for all of the musicians and singers that are going up with me and my computer started acting up out of nowhere and I couldn't burn them...thankfully Greta had all of the music on her computer too so I was able to use hers...and then Greta got sick right after recording and is still trying to get over it, Elijah got sick, I got sick and I think Deandra is getting the only logical conclusion is that Jesus is going to do something AMAZING otherwise none of this would be happening. But it won't change anything, cuz we're still gonna go and we're still gonna sing...even if it isn't as pretty as it originally would have been :) I am now surviving off a ridiculously large amount of liquids, Dayquil, vitamins, and cough drops...I for real think I'm going to hack a lung up. And now I'm going to sound like a man cuz I've been coughing so much. :P That's always attractive. On a brighter note....we didn't have school the last 2 days!!! But my car was also encased in an inch of ice...which took for ever and a year to get off...I had to have Mike come get my car door open for was frozen solid. Half of my car is still encased in ice...I find it highly entertaining when I go over a bump because I hear my whole car crack and creak because it's jolting all of the ice...makes me giggle :) I can't use my windshield wipers cuz they are still completely frozen, I didn't have time to break the ice off of them before work hopefully I won't need them!!! We don't get ice storms like this in MN cuz it never gets warm enough in the winter....Indy weather is psycho. But I don't mind it too much cuz it got me out of school for 2 days :) Anyhoo I suppose I should go pack...or get out of my pjs...or do my hair....ya know make myself look human...

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