Monday, February 14, 2011

Masquerades, Valentine's Day and why I don't hate it.

So today is Feb 14...a day of love. Seeing as how I have been single my entire life, most people would assume that I hate this holiday like most other single people do. But for some reason I have always loved Valentine's Day. This probably stems from a couple of different reasons...1. I love chocolate and everyone gets chocolate on Valentine's Day...even if you buy it for yourself ;) 2. I love my daddy and my daddy loves me =D I am always guaranteed to feel uber loved on Valentine's because of my Dad. I'm sure to always have either roses or a nice present waiting for me. 3. I like flowers. My daddy, and on occasion my brother, always gets me flowers. So basically it's a day when I get spoiled and don't even need a boyfriend! I feel special and loved all day long. My mom always calls me to tell me how much she loves me, as do my brother and sister. So while the rest of the single people of the world are out moping and moaning I'm living it up because I'm taking full advantage of the love that is already around me instead of wishing I had more. Yes, I know there is a difference between the love of your family and that of a boyfriend/husband, but after you've gone 21 yrs without it, what's one more!? I also know how blessed I am to be surrounded by all of this wonderful love and support because I'm not naive enough to think that everyone else has a family like me. Another thing Valentine's is good for...making you realize how lucky and blessed you are to have the people around you that love you as much as they do. So while I may be single, that will never stop me from thoroughly enjoying Valentine's Day and all of the wonderful things that come with it, like mushy cards from the parents, flowers from my daddy, chocolate from friends and family and lots of hugs from everyone!

On another note, this Valentine's Day is being celebrated around IBC with a masquerade...something of which I am very skeptical. (when am I not a skeptic tho!?) Greta has made me an amazing mask and I have bought a new shirt/dress to wear...I love excuses for having to buy new clothes! =D Candra is going to curl my hair so that it won't take me 10 yrs to do it why am I skeptical? Because the thought of me in a mask is not my favorite thought ever. Why do I care? Because I am a girl and therefore I have this innate feeling built into me that I must always look decent (which, ok let's be real...most days I don't, but whatever.) and so if I feel funny wearing the mask I will not feel as if I look decent and then my night will not be a happy one because I will not be satisfied. Good thing I have wonderful friends who love me and will be with me the whole evening and won't care what I look like. So....I'm just not going to care, because that is the only solution I can come up with and it sounds like a good one to me. This could possibly turn into the most fun and amazing night of my life if I just don't I think it sounds like a wonderful plan =D I think I shall go and wear my mask and be the life of the party...the Pentecostal party that is ;) This night shall be a success.

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