Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Over-analyzing, Jesus and the Masquerade

I have a serious case of senioritis. And it got cold again. And I'm over-analyzing my life. All of this combines for a somewhat unsatisfied Abby. I was happy when it was sunny and kinda warm out. But now it's all gray, cloudy and cold :P and that makes for a sad Abby. And I have no motivation to do anything...especially school related. And then there's the problem of me not being able to get my brain to quit working in overdrive. I keep trying to figure everything out and thinking of all the different things I should have done or said in different situations...when in reality it's all wasted time because all those things said and done can't be changed anyways so it doesn't really matter anymore! So easy to say and think, but soooo hard to actually do! I don't remember ever being this analytical...but it seems that I am horribly so! Good thing I'm running on hardly any sleep so I just automatically fall right asleep at night cuz I know if I wasn't overtired then I'd be lying in bed all night long thinking. But due to yesterday's chapel I have come to the realization that I haven't been trusting God as much as I should or used to and have been trying to figure a lot of things out on my own...and that never works or gets you anywhere. So we are fixing that little problem and giving the driver's seat back over to Jesus :) So now my life should be better! *starts singing "Jesus Take the Wheel" loudly and obnoxiously* On a happier note I am going to Starbucks tonight!!! Yay! It's my first Starbucks in a week...which if you know me well at all, is a VERY long time for me to go without Starbucks. There's a business meeting at church so we're not required to go, so we are cleaning the student lobby and then I'm going to get me some coffee with all of my besties. It should be a good time! And I have to go to Meijer today cuz I'm running out of food and plastic ware...and we all know that I love going to Meijer! :) I always have fun when I go grocery shopping...besides, me + aisles of food = complete happiness. I think I have a problem and I don't mind admitting it: I love food. I just realized that I really only have 2 months of school left...this is bittersweet. I cannot wait to be done with school but I REALLY don't want to leave me friends :( they complete me. I will be lost without them. I shall cry...and I HATE crying...I never cry...unless it's in church...and then it's ok cuz I'm talking to Jesus. Which I've done a lot of the last 2 days...and man have we had some good conversations. I just wish He would have done a little more talking...but sometimes He likes to be quiet.

Now for a synopsis of the Valentine's Day Masquerade: it went very well actually! I wore my mask...without glasses (miracles never cease) and it was ok. I wasn't a huge fan of it cuz I feel weird without my glasses and I think I look a little funny, but the mask kinda helped with that anyways. So I wore my mask 2 different times throughout the night, mainly for pictures sake. The best entertainment of the night was not the entertainment that was provided for us, but rather was Mitchell McCann....I'm so glad he sat at our table! :) there was a lot of stabbing the table with a plastic knife and burning of spoons in the candle... And afterwards was a good time of hanging out at Toby's house til curfew. Have I ever mentioned that I love my friends? Candra did my hair, and did a fabulous job on it :) and then when back in my room and chatting, Deandra just starting taking it down and then put it back up and so I then had wonderful hair for the next 2 days..because we all know that if I'm going to go to the trouble of curling my hair it's going to last me a couple days (don't worry I always wash it right before curling it) So overall I think it was a rather successful night. Anyhoo I think it's either nap time or grocery shopping time....or going to Goodwill with Toby and Ro...any of those options sound pretty amazing to me. Ciao!

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