Thursday, February 17, 2011

Glorious Weather and Spaghettios

I just might be in love with this weather!!! But I'm trying really hard not to be...because it's February...therefore it won't cynical side (sometimes called pessimistic...but I refuse to believe that) is keeping me in check and telling me that 50 and 60 degree weather in Feb is not here to stay. And that in a few weeks it will probably be snowing again and cold. But I'm enjoying the weather while it's here! I definitely went to Starbucks yesterday to do some studying and I got a Java Chip Frapp and sat was glorious! I wish it would stay, but I know it won't :( As long as we don't get any more ice I'll be fine. 

So I'm totally broke but needed some groceries so I went to Wal-Mart and bought some cheap food...which means things like Spaghettios...I was actually pretty excited about this because it's been prolly about 10 yrs since I've had spaghettios (no joke). So I opened the can up this afternoon and popped it in the microwave. I was excited to eat them because they hold many a good childhood memory with them....and so I took the first bite...and was terribly disappointed...while it did bring back many good memories from when I was little it was not bringing up any good thoughts at the moment. They aren't terrible but they're kinda sweet and I've never been a fan of sweet spaghetti...and they just don't taste that great. So I suppose that every time I eat them (since I didn't eat the whole can in one sitting) I will just have to think about when I was little and Nate loved them so every time he would watch me and Natalie for our parents we would eat either spaghettios or ravioli for lunch and/or dinner. Those were good times...and I loved eating it then because my mom wouldn't ever buy stuff like that for us, so it was a treat! Now...I'm wishing I didn't have to buy stuff like that! Oh the joys of being a college kid. At least I have not lowered my standards and still to this day have never eaten Ramen noodles. Shocking, I know...a college kid that has never eaten Ramen...yes they do exist...I am living proof! Nor have I ever eaten White Castle...something Toby and Danny try to get me to do on a weekly basis...they have not succeeded and never will! I shall remain a White Castle virgin til I die. 

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