Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love...a walk in the park or falling from the top of a skyscraper?

So I have randomly been contemplating the phrase "Falling in Love" ....I don't think it is a very fitting phrase....the word "fall" makes it sound painful, embarrassing and rather abrupt... As I have no experience in this area, and will claim none, I will simply say that from listening to people talk and from observing, it is none of those 3 things....occasionally it is abrupt, but not as abrupt as literally falling. Love sounds so much nicer when it's described like a nice walk in the park, but not so much when it's described like falling from the top of a me that sounds terrifying... It seems to me that it is actually more of a process and you don't just wake up one morning and say "I've fallen in love"...besides love is not tangible, therefore you cannot "fall" into it as you would a lake, a bed or a hole. Yes I know, they are speaking metaphorically, but I suggest that when you start forming and spreading metaphorical terminology that you make sure it actually makes sense. "Falling in love" leads one to think that it just happens, almost as if it is accidental...I mean, you didn't mean to trip over that rug and fall flat on your face did you?....last time I checked my parents made an effort to get to know each other before they got married, it wasn't just a happenstance thing. My dad saw her, liked her, and purposefully went to talk to her. Love grows, it doesn't just explode on you all at once. I think one "strolls" into love more than "falls" into love, it's a gradual thing (ok, some people may "sprint" into love, but that's still different from falling...) And as for the embarrassing part, I mean who really likes falling...especially in front of someone you are highly attracted to!? If you are embarrassed about the person you like and don't want other people to meet them, then maybe you need to rethink some things and figure out why you like them in the first place. (that's just a side note). If I say someone "fell hard and/or fast" for someone I simply mean that they met the person and immediately became waaayyyyy too emotionally attached without knowing anything (aka where the relationship was going, how the other person felt, etc) and they didn't even care because they liked that person so much. And that is not an advisable thing to do (yet another reason why the word "fall" shouldn't be attached to love) There is a HUGE difference between liking someone and loving someone and I think the term "love" gets used way too loosely and thrown around more than it should. Where is all of this going...I have no idea. It was just running through my head and I had to get it out. So there you go, you now have my view on why people do not "fall" in love.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Perfectionism is an imperfection

I have come to the realization that I am a perfectionist....and that, as a perfectionist, I find perfectionism to be an imperfection in me and there for I hate that I'm like that. Funny how that works, huh?! And I just can't seem to shake it....and from this perfectionism a hatred for mediocrity is born, which I don't think is an all together bad thing, but can make life rather rough because you're always struggling to be the best at everything....and that's impossible. I hate having weaknesses...I feel as if I am suppose to be superwoman or something. And when I know I have a weakness all it does is make me feel inferior, which is never a good feeling. If I feel like I can't do something good or at all I will just shut down and not do it, sometimes not even try because I don't want to show that I can't do it. So basically I have got to remedy this whole dumb perfectionism/superwoman problem that I have....easier said than done. Maybe that will be best done by moving to a remote, deserted island where it's just me and no one else lol! Or that could just be me running away from my problem... :) Me, some music, my dog, a few books, a horse and lots of food...and I'm set! On a happier note...I'm ridiculously stoked for IBC Live 2011 this Friday!!! It's gonna be a good one folks! =D Besides the fact that I took Saturday off so I will have a wonderful day of relaxation and fun with my friends to recoup from this crazy week of preparing for it! And then the following week is youth week in MN...which could possibly end up being the most epic trip EVER! Have I ever mentioned that I have the BEST friends in the whole wide world!? I love them. I can't wait to see my puppy dog!!! She always makes me happy and she loves me unconditionally :) Colbie Caillat makes my life wonderful...I could listen to her all day long. Somehow this mouse in my room keeps eating the peanut butter off the trap without getting caught...he's a sneaky little guy. I think it's the trap though. So later I shall set a new one and snap his little neck. Ha. Got you, mouse. Thankfully he can't reach any of my food, so he really isn't doing anything, but I still do not appreciate his existence...especially not in the same room as me. So one of us is gonna hafta go and it ain't gonna be me! Alright it's class time :P (is it spring break yet?! lol)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Today begins a week of insanity. It's the week of Live Recording...which means that the only day I won't have choir practice is today. Which means that I have to be uber productive today and get everything else under the sun done. I'm not caffeinated enough to do that....I'm not caffeinated at all right now. And I need to be. I got 7 hrs of sleep...yet I still feel completely drained, ugh. Hmmm...maybe I'll just hafta make a trip to Starbucks when I'm out later :) I haven't had a drink from Starbucks in over a week....I think I'm setting a new record ;) jk jk. I think I'm getting senioritis...oh wait, I've had that since Freshman year...but really. So I bought my daddy a Valentine's card yesterday...and it's the first non-funny card I think I've ever bought, but it's definitely not mushy cards, they're gross and make me want to vomit. And of course the front of the envelope says that it's from his favorite child, which of course is me :D Ya know, sometimes I miss that funny guy. He always gives me big hugs, tells me I look pretty and lets me sit on his lap...he takes me out for lunch or coffee every now and then and always listens to my crazy insanity and when he's riding in my car with me he listens to all of my wild and rowdy music and never says a word. He's a pretty good dad if I do say so myself :) This is an older pic...from 2008, but I love it!

 I have soooo much to do today, just the thought of it makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and stay there all day long weeping and gnashing my teeth (thank you Commonman for making this a typical description in the Thompson family). But I shall refrain from doing that and try my hardest to accomplish everything. I saw the prettiest snowfall last night!! We were all leaving TGI Fridays and the biggest, prettiest snowflakes were falling ever so slowly from the I love winter! The only reason I want spring to come is so I can go buy some Jarritos and take it down to the canals, walk the canals and then lay in the grass in the sun and just enjoy life. And the only thing that would make that even more amazing is if Natalie was with me!! Ah I can't wait to go home for youth week in a week and a half!! Speaking of which I should prolly start picking out songs....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Funny looks and Semester goals

It's raining...and 37 degrees...and January...what's wrong with the state of Indiana!? Don't they know it's still winter time!? For real, my friend looked at me funny when I said it was really nice out yesterday (it was around 30 degrees), and upon getting this funny look I said, "Hey this is what spring feels like in Minnesota!" I'm accustomed to negative temperatures this time of year and instead I'm getting rained on. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. I've been  getting lots of funny looks when I said that I'd had 3 bowls of cereal for breakfast...a guy I'd only known for a couple hours turned and said "Three bowls!?" Yes, three bowls...that is my normal breakfast thank you very much. I have my first piano lesson of the semester in 15 minutes...I wonder what kind of look Master Gorlo will give me upon hearing that I pretty much didn't practice piano at all over break...or since I've been back >:} It gives me a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I did not practice...yes, I am evil, and when I am told to do something for so much time every week it makes me hate whatever that thing  is. I love playing the piano...when I'm not forced to. Must be the rebellious side of me coming out....hmmm...maybe I should work on the future... ;) jk jk. I think this rainy, dreary day will be perfect for curling up on my futon with some books (probably textbooks although I'd much rather it be a Louis L'Amour or something else), a cup of wonderful Starbucks coffee made in my wonderful French press (compliments of the best sister in the world, Natalie Thompson), a blankie and some wonderful music. I will be productive (repeat 10x). I have actually been amazingly productive this whole semester (the whole week and a half it's been going!). I started incorporating jogging into my daily walking routine yesterday and by the time spring gets here I will be able to jog the entire canals first time out (that's my goal at least). I have gotten all of my homework done early, have gotten no less than 6 hours of sleep in a night (usually closer to 7 or 8....which is a great achievement at IBC), have kept my room very clean and made my bed everyday (please tell Mom about making my bed Natalie...I know she will be utterly speechless), I have walked 6 out of every 7 days, prayed and read my Bible everyday with the exception of one I do believe, and I have tried my hardest to actually look like a decent human being everyday and have only slightly failed at this once. So I would say I'm having a rather successful semester so far....we shall see how long this lasts....hopefully til the end! Ok piano lesson time...farewell!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's been a while, so it's extra random :)


"Now with every step, and every breath, I give it all, hold nothing back. With all I am this is my choice, to live to worship You. So with all my heart, my soul, my mind, I love You, leave it all behind. To live my life in awe of You, it's the least that I can do." - Out of Eden "Praise You"

Such an amazing song....and an old one, but I think I'm gonna pull this one back out for this new year of 2011. 2011 is a year of endings and beginnings for me. This year began with the wedding of a very good friend and mentor (Deb McGowan) and the start of my very last semester at IBC...both of which are rather good beginnings :) This year holds my college graduation (an ending), living in France for 3 months (both a beginning and an ending), and then my life as a college graduate begins....scary thought....I will be a for-real adult...oh boy, responsibility here I come! ;) I can't say I will miss being in school...unless of course I make the crazy decision to go back to the U of MN to major in French...(why would I ever torture myself by going back to school!? What's wrong with me!?!?!) But that's not a very strong possibility right now...especially if I plan on travelling the world...I better get rich quick! Hmmm....any rich, eligible bachelors? Jk jk!!! I am not going to miss that horribly annoying IBC makes me want to claw my ears off....and then I would just have bloody stubs on the sides of my head...not a very pretty visual...anyways moving on...The only thing that makes me ever so slightly sad about going to France (other than the fact that I will miss everyone and my doggy) is that I will miss most of the baseball season!! This is soooooo tragic, I can not even begin to explain! :( That means that I HAVE to go to at least one game in May before I leave and then go to as many as I possibly can in September...and no autograph party for me! I don't know how I'll survive without seeing my beautiful boys of summer! I won't know what to do with myself next fall when I won't have to move back to Indiana...oh wait, yes I do...I won't pack everything up and I'll go to the MN State Fair and eat a ridiculous amount of food including crocodile, ostrich, Sweet Martha's cookies, fried pickles, and who knows what else! I will go to multiple rodeos and probably some fabulous concerts...and I'll take my dog on walks through the park and go riding all the time with Jess....I will scrapbook with my sister, write that song with her that we've always talked about but never gotten around to doing, go to Nelson Cheese Factory and run through the sprinkler in the front lawn....sounds pretty amazing to me! If only all my friends from school could just live in MN with that would be perfection...I think they should all move there...who doesn't want to live in MN anyways?! It's only the most amazing state EVER! We have all 4 seasons, and lots of lakes and rivers, it's a very pretty state, the Mississippi River starts there (which automatically makes us cool), we have the MN Twins, Vikings and Wild...and I suppose I should claim the Timberwolves too...even tho they are humiliatingly terrible...other than Kevin Love...He's a beast...and the Thompson family lives there...what else do you need!? Oh and we are also the state that consumes the most ice cream per you get to eat a lot of ice cream too. And we  are second, only to NYC, in having the most theater seats per capita, so we're clearly very cultured. I could just keep going all day I'll stop...this is weird...I'm in a good mood..for no reason....hmmm...maybe I'm sick....oh no's only weird cuz I'm at IBC and I'm in a good mood for no reason...maybe it's cuz my iPod is playing fabulous music that is making me tap my feet and smile...I like this. maybe I'll go drink some orange juice to make this experience complete...but I think the only thing that would truly make this experience complete would be my mother pulling me off the couch to make me Jitterbug with her...I was not alive in the 70's...I don't know how to Jitterbug...and I try to tell her this every time...but it never stops I have had to learn how to Jitterbug because I'm the only person my mother can pull up and make dance with her. Basically (Natalie, you have ruined this word for me...I laugh everytime I hear it or say it), I just want to be driving a tractor right now...that always was the hightlight of my day when I worked at Featherbrook...there's just nothing like being out under the sun, just you, your tractor, the wind and your thoughts...such a beautiful thing. How in the world did I become such a mixed up person...I love the city, but I love the country...where am I suppose to live!? I a carboard box on the city line so that I'm half in the city, half in the country...and my horse can just always stand on the country side so I don't get in trouble! :) I'm a genius.

The end is drawing near, but not fast enough

Written: 11/30/09

Back at school….is depressing :P Thanksgiving break was wonderful…and I was so happy to finally be able to have Thanksgiving at home after 6 yrs of having it in Indy…but it was soooo short! And the fact that I knew I was coming back to school for just 2 ½ weeks didn’t help anything either. It seems a waste to come back for so short a time. Oh well…only 3 more semesters to survive….I can do this right!? It’s starting to get cold out!!! I just wore a hoody to work and was freezing when I left! It feels like snow is on its way =D I can’t wait til there’s snow! It doesn’t feel like Christmas is less than a month away cuz there’s no snow! But I am writing this by the light of my most beautiful Christmas tree in my dorm room!

I am also writing this on my daddy’s laptop which he insisted upon giving to me. He’s such a nice guy. I love that guy very much =D He’s the bestest daddy ever and he’s all mine!!! Well he’s Nate’s and Natalie’s too…but ya know…. I’m hungry and my hands are still cold from driving home…I’m thinking some Mrs. Grasses Chicken Noodle soup would be amazing…with extra MSG of course =D So I should prolly make some and then go practice piano since I have lessons tomorrow and we all know that I did not practice over break! Poor George is delusional in thinking that we would all practice 10 hrs over break…. I’m jealous cuz Nate is at home right now…and I’m not. I wish I coulda seen him. He would come the day after I leave wouldn’t he :P  Oh well…at least I’ll get to see him for a few days over Christmas break! He’s gonna love his Christmas present! I just wish that he was getting more than one thing from us all…but it was an expensive present! I know what mom and dad got me….cuz I tried it on =D lol! So I’m in a traveling mood and really want to go somewhere…preferably somewhere that I haven’t been yet. Somewhere on the west coast or somewhere not in America at all! I always want to go back to France of course…but right now I’m feeling somewhere warm (odd I know) like the Bahamas, or Hawaii, or south America….ya know something along those lines would work out great. Sadly the bank account would never allow it even if I did have time to go. Hopefully business picks up so that I can make some money. :P I don’t know why its so incredibly dead but I don’t like it! It scares me cuz I’m stuck with this profession for 2 yrs and if I can’t make enough money to support myself then I’ll have to work 2 jobs, which I do NOT have time for! Nor do I have the stress levels to handle that. Oh well, Jesus will work everything out. He got me this job so He’s gonna work it out and He knows what’s going on cuz I most certainly don’t! Alright I really need to get moving or I’ll never get off this futon cuz I’m tired the way it is. And I still need to practice piano! :P I can’t wait until this semester is OVER!!!! God help me to survive these last 2 ½ weeks! Il Divo is helping me get through this night!

A Beautiful Fall Day in Indy

Written: 11/12/09

Here I sit on my futon, Listening to my Christophe Mae cd and going thru my pics from France...I don’t quite know why but I can’t stop thinking about France. I want to be there so bad that it hurts. I seriously cannot wait until I can go back someday...Hopefully within the next couple of yrs! And hopefully it’ll be as an AIMer.  I went grocery shopping...I bought a delicious rotisserie chicken (which I just ate half of!) And lots of other good stuff :-D America is letting me use her piano while she’s at work I can work on my stupid song that I have to learn by ear :P I seriously cannot wait until Thanksgiving break! I just want to go find a really pretty banquet dress and then go Christmas shoppin.... It’s such a beautiful day out! Too bad I have to be disciplined and do homework and practice piano :P That’s so boring. Is it odd that I find grocery shopping fun now because its getting me out of the school and doing something other than working!? And I’m buying something I love!!!! I’m seriously such a cow. I eat so much food I’m surprised I don’t weigh an incredible amount! So I can hear now!!! I went to the doc and it's all better! It felt amazing to walk out being able to hear! I will never take my hearing for granted after this experience of not being able to hear for a week and a half. It seriously was the most annoying thing ever. Anyhooo......productive time....riiiiggggghhhhttt....ok seriously...

Falling in love with fall

Written: 11/02/09

So today was pretty fab....for the most part....except for the fact that I still cannot hear out of my right ear...which has been going on since Sat. night. :P It is making me extremely angry and irritated. It drives me crazy cuz I can’t really hear and everything I do hear and say is echoed in my head! Arg! So I called my insurance company today to find out which Nose, Throat and Ear Docs are covered by my insurance and then I called them and they have 7 docs at that office and the earliest appointment any of them had is for next Tuesday at 2 pm! This is insanity! So I have to wait a week from tomorrow to go get my ear checked. Anyhoo so work called me today and told me not to come in cuz there was no work and so since it was a beautiful fall day I texted Alison to see what she was doing. So me and Alison went to the Indiana Museum of Art (IMA) gardens. We climbed on the sculptures (which you’re not suppose to do!) and took pictures and walked around pretty much all of the gardens.

It was absolutely gorgeous!!! We had so much fun takin pics and then on the way back we both wanted Starbucks so Alison looked up the closest one to where we were and got directrions to it on her phone and we went there. It just happened to be the coolest, most amazing Starbucks I’ve ever been in! It had a fireplace in it and the furniture and decorating was fab! It very much so had an UpTown feel to it....which we all know how much I love UpTown! So I got a pumpkin spice latte and a pumpkin cream cheese muffin (which was delish!) Over the weekend I turned into an old lady cuz I had to get up early both Sat and Sun. So Fri and Sat nights I went to bed early and then last night I went to bed early becuz sleep is my only relief from my ear driving me insane. But since I went to bed at like 10:30 last night I got up at 8:30 this morning when I didn’t even end up having class til 11:20! So now I’m already getting tired and wanting to go to sleep...and it’s only 10:03 pm!!! Ah! I can’t be an old lady!!! Why does money have to be so important and necessary!? Why can’t it just grow on trees!? I want a money tree. Almost as bad as I want my ear to be unplugged :P Money is officially stupid. And I want some so I can go Christmas shopping. Which I prolly won’t get to do until the day after Thanksgiving. Which reminds me how much I want Thanksgiving break to come!!! It’s 3 weeks away from tomorrow!!! Well, it tech doesn’t start til that wed. but I’m leaving Tues right after my last class.... I miss riding so much!!! And I miss my puppy so much!!! I hope that we can get that puppy that Amanda’s future mother-in-law has!!! I’ve wanted another doggie for a while now...but Mom and Dad always told me no :P and now that I’m gone they think about getting another one! It would happen that way. I miss my daddy a lot of the time. He’s my bud. So I’m actually pretty excited about the choir going and singing in St. Louis this Sat! It’ll be a good time. I’ll only ride with ppl I like and then no one will die and I will be happy!! I don’t even remember what we’re singing at or for, but it’ll be fun. Hopefully we don’t have to wear our choir outfits...but we prolly do :P Have I ever mentioned how soothing the sound of Josh Groban’s voice is?! It is amazingly beautiful. I would marry that man if I could. He would just need to find Jesus first...and then everything would be grand! ;) He could even sing to me in French! =D Then life would be perfect! I need to get an external hard drive so that when I do get a new laptop I can have everything on it and just switch it from one to the other...and besides then I wouldn’t have to worry about losing everything if this one...or any future laptop...decided to crash....which this one has been known to do...but usually only when Nate hits it really hard because he gets mad about it being to slow or because he’s mad at whatever game he is playing! He’s such a funny. I can’t wait to see him at Christmas time! Eek! It just needs to go straight to Thanksgiving break so I can eat a lot and go shopping and then from that straight to Christmas break! That would be amazing!

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat

Written: 10/28/08

Halloween is in 3 days and Thanksgiving break is 3 ½ weeks away!!!! Come to me quickly break!!!!! Natalie said her and Mom are already planning everything so that all of the Christmas decor will be up when I get home!! =D I cannot wait!!!! I just want it to be Christmas! I had to go to the mall today to get new work shoes (which cost me $50 :P ) and it made me want to go Christmas shopping so bad! Too bad I’m broke because what money I do have I have to save to put down on my school bill :P I hate bills.....they cramp my style....welcome to the real world, I know....So I sponsor a little boy from El Salvador through Compassion and I pretty much love him. And he’s so cute too!!!! I just love his letters that he sends to me! They’re so cute and he always draws me pictures....I should really write him another letter....and I need to send money so they can buy him a Christmas present... For one of the first times in my life I’m having a hard time writing a Christmas brother would be shocked since he loves to tease me so much about my alphabetized, categorized Christmas lists that I used to write in size 8 font that were 10 pages long....hey, it’s not my fault that they had so much cute stuff in the American Girl Doll magazines!!! I have some stuff written down, but I like to give people plenty of options and that’s just not really happening this year. It’s funny how the older you get, the less you want. Anyhoo...I suppose I should go talk to Jesus and then go to bed. ‘Night! Don’t bite the bed bugs >:}

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Day In Paris Would Solve Everything

Written: 10/15/09

I want to leave here and go somewhere...somewhere fun and adventurous that I haven’t been before! I want to go to Washington so I can go to the fish markets in Seattle...even tho I don’t like fish! And I want to actually go to California...the airport doesn’t really count for much... I want to climb the mountains and go out in the ocean...I want sit on the beach and watch the palm trees sway...But most of all I want to be back in France sitting at a sidewalk cafĂ© in Paris and going shopping in all of the boutiques, drinking their amazingly strong espresso and eating all of the wonderful breads, sandwiches and pastries, and drinking orangina. Wouldn’t life just be wonderful then!? I want to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night since we never did get to see that and I want to go to Versaille and go to the French Riveria...Ok, well since that won’t be happening anytime soon...if ever....I should come back to my sad, depressing reality called IBC and get ready to go to my next class that I don’t want to go to :P (the fabulous photo below was taken by yours truly)

Frustrations over baseball

Written: 10/10/09

Is it weird or wrong that I get depressed when the Twins lose?! I mean really....they’re in the playoffs! It frustrates me to no end that everyone just rips on them, when they really are a good team...clearly... or they wouldn’t be in the playoffs idiots!!!!  I have so much stinkin homework and then we have choir and singers...both of which I’ve ceased to enjoy... and then come back and practice piano (something I now loathe) and when attempting to be a good student and do my Dictation Aurelia homework that’s due on Mon I couldn’t because there was some idiot in the chapel practicing/playing/beating the drums excessively and wouldn’t stop for like an hr or more. So clearly I wasn’t able to hear the chord progressions on Aurelia so that was the end of my homework attempts. I drowned my sorrows and sufferings with the new Michael Buble cd (Crazy Love) that came out today (well...technically yesterday 10/’s after midnight) and a Louis L’Amour...but not cookies...because I’ve been enjoying those a little too much lately and need to ration them out so they last longer and so I don’t get fat :-D I’m extremely tired and therefore I am cranky and cynical...which is clearly coming out in this wonderful journal entry :-D I’m still in a state of confusion and frustration tho over how the Twins lost tonight’s game...we were up 3-1 and Nathan (our amazing closer!) gave it up big time....he’s not suppose to do that! He never does that! The world is clearly coming to an end because Joe Nathan pitched a bad game. Is it too much to ask for the Twins to win a World Series that I’ll actually remember and be able to enjoy!? Yeah I was alive in ‘91 but do I remember anything from then?...NO! I was stinkin’ 2 yrs old! Seriously...and we’ve been in the playoffs how many times in the last 8-10 yrs and we still haven’t even gotten to the World Series! Which actually has a lot to do with cheating Umps...I hate umpires...they cheat and make horrible calls and never know how to do their job...I clearly should be an ump because I would do a much better job of it then them. But alas I never played baseball so I can’t ever get that job. I think that’s sexist because there is not a female baseball league so a female could never be an umpire. I protest! Ok....I really should go to bed....writing this and listening to Michael Buble’s beautiful, smooth, sultry vocals is putting me to eyes are literally half shut right now....I don’t want to leave the comfort of this futon to climb into my high and lofty tower....oh dear...I’m crashing...falling ever so quickly into the world of slumber, fairies and dreams of root beer popsicles and hazelnuts....ok I really don’t know where that came random head I suppose....goodnight.

Life's greatest questions...and other ramblings...

This one is from sometime late August or September of 2010, written in my dorm room at IBC.

Sometimes I want to throw things across the pure rage........ because they are not working for absolutely no reason. Sometimes life gives you lemons and you don’t even want lemonade...then what do you do? What do you do when everything seems to be going against you and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel? Do you just take a flashlight and fake it? Or do you just pretend to see something faint and distant ahead.... does lying to yourself really ever get you anywhere? Why the junk will my computer not connect to the internet?! It makes me want to say horrible things...good thing there’s no one around to witness my ugly faces that I make at this computer....they might be slightly disturbed....and they should be....sometimes there’s just something about me that’s not quite when I make ugly faces that make me look like I have a cleft lip...seriously, nobody else is that talented. What makes grapes taste so incredibly it the crispness when you bite into one or the coolness and refreshing that you get while eating them? Is it their slightly sweet taste?....or a combo of them all? I never knew grapes could be so intriguing...I should prolly go to bed cause I have an 8:00 a.m. class tomorrow morning and a full day too :P But I am comfortable here on my futon and want to eat some grapes....and look! My computer is actually working!!! Praise be to Jehovah!!! How did it happen? I don’t know. I looked over there and finally saw the light on the converter box and the laptop if I could just get the blasted thing to connect to the Internet...prolly no hope there :P It makes me hate my life. Why must it be such a pain in the butt!? I love air conditioning even if it doesn’t do as much as I wish it would. It’s doing the best it can with 90 degree days with the sun beating into my room and turning it into a toaster oven/sauna. And my roommate must have the drapes partially open so that her plants can get sunlight... Does she not know that those things die when I’m around?! I just have an aura about me that kills them I think >:} Why that makes me kinda happy, I don’t know....but it does in a sadistic kind of way. Tomorrow I will eat the greatest food invention in a long time....the personal, seedless watermelon!!!!!!! I’m very excited about this! I want to make sure that I eat it before it starts going bad. Have I mentioned how much I love fruit?! I ate a delicious plum like 20 minutes ago =) Alas I must climb into my tower...which is prolly a good 7 feet off the ground...pray to God that I never fall from my tower...or I just might have a busted brain....and my poor brain cannot sustain any more injuries, as the doctor was so kind enough to tell me....thanks doc for all the wonderful news that you give really are such a cheer and encouragement to our lives.

Reasons for a blog

While home over Christmas break I was reading some random journal-type entries to my sister that I had typed on my computer...she was thoroughly enjoying them...aka laughing rather hard while sitting on the end of my bed. After listening to a few of them she looked at me and said, "You need to get these need to make a book of them." I looked at her and thought, "Who wants to know all of the random, crazy, disturbing things that go through my head?" But I figured that if no one else would enjoy them, that she would. And making my sister happy is one of the things that makes me the here it goes: I am starting a blog so that my sister can read my ramblings, questions and angry posts and find what joy that she can by reading them in all of their nonsensicalness. I am not the writer in the family...she really she should be the one with a blog, but for some odd reason I'm the one starting a blog. I will just draw all of my inspiration from her brilliant mind ;) I will start by posting some of my older ones that I wrote last year. I hope that whoever reads them can enjoy them as much as my sister does =D