Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Beautiful Fall Day in Indy

Written: 11/12/09

Here I sit on my futon, Listening to my Christophe Mae cd and going thru my pics from France...I don’t quite know why but I can’t stop thinking about France. I want to be there so bad that it hurts. I seriously cannot wait until I can go back someday...Hopefully within the next couple of yrs! And hopefully it’ll be as an AIMer.  I went grocery shopping...I bought a delicious rotisserie chicken (which I just ate half of!) And lots of other good stuff :-D America is letting me use her piano while she’s at work I can work on my stupid song that I have to learn by ear :P I seriously cannot wait until Thanksgiving break! I just want to go find a really pretty banquet dress and then go Christmas shoppin.... It’s such a beautiful day out! Too bad I have to be disciplined and do homework and practice piano :P That’s so boring. Is it odd that I find grocery shopping fun now because its getting me out of the school and doing something other than working!? And I’m buying something I love!!!! I’m seriously such a cow. I eat so much food I’m surprised I don’t weigh an incredible amount! So I can hear now!!! I went to the doc and it's all better! It felt amazing to walk out being able to hear! I will never take my hearing for granted after this experience of not being able to hear for a week and a half. It seriously was the most annoying thing ever. Anyhooo......productive time....riiiiggggghhhhttt....ok seriously...

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