Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reasons for a blog

While home over Christmas break I was reading some random journal-type entries to my sister that I had typed on my computer...she was thoroughly enjoying them...aka laughing rather hard while sitting on the end of my bed. After listening to a few of them she looked at me and said, "You need to get these need to make a book of them." I looked at her and thought, "Who wants to know all of the random, crazy, disturbing things that go through my head?" But I figured that if no one else would enjoy them, that she would. And making my sister happy is one of the things that makes me the here it goes: I am starting a blog so that my sister can read my ramblings, questions and angry posts and find what joy that she can by reading them in all of their nonsensicalness. I am not the writer in the family...she really she should be the one with a blog, but for some odd reason I'm the one starting a blog. I will just draw all of my inspiration from her brilliant mind ;) I will start by posting some of my older ones that I wrote last year. I hope that whoever reads them can enjoy them as much as my sister does =D

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