Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat

Written: 10/28/08

Halloween is in 3 days and Thanksgiving break is 3 ½ weeks away!!!! Come to me quickly break!!!!! Natalie said her and Mom are already planning everything so that all of the Christmas decor will be up when I get home!! =D I cannot wait!!!! I just want it to be Christmas! I had to go to the mall today to get new work shoes (which cost me $50 :P ) and it made me want to go Christmas shopping so bad! Too bad I’m broke because what money I do have I have to save to put down on my school bill :P I hate bills.....they cramp my style....welcome to the real world, I know....So I sponsor a little boy from El Salvador through Compassion and I pretty much love him. And he’s so cute too!!!! I just love his letters that he sends to me! They’re so cute and he always draws me pictures....I should really write him another letter....and I need to send money so they can buy him a Christmas present... For one of the first times in my life I’m having a hard time writing a Christmas brother would be shocked since he loves to tease me so much about my alphabetized, categorized Christmas lists that I used to write in size 8 font that were 10 pages long....hey, it’s not my fault that they had so much cute stuff in the American Girl Doll magazines!!! I have some stuff written down, but I like to give people plenty of options and that’s just not really happening this year. It’s funny how the older you get, the less you want. Anyhoo...I suppose I should go talk to Jesus and then go to bed. ‘Night! Don’t bite the bed bugs >:}

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