Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Day In Paris Would Solve Everything

Written: 10/15/09

I want to leave here and go somewhere...somewhere fun and adventurous that I haven’t been before! I want to go to Washington so I can go to the fish markets in Seattle...even tho I don’t like fish! And I want to actually go to California...the airport doesn’t really count for much... I want to climb the mountains and go out in the ocean...I want sit on the beach and watch the palm trees sway...But most of all I want to be back in France sitting at a sidewalk café in Paris and going shopping in all of the boutiques, drinking their amazingly strong espresso and eating all of the wonderful breads, sandwiches and pastries, and drinking orangina. Wouldn’t life just be wonderful then!? I want to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night since we never did get to see that and I want to go to Versaille and go to the French Riveria...Ok, well since that won’t be happening anytime soon...if ever....I should come back to my sad, depressing reality called IBC and get ready to go to my next class that I don’t want to go to :P (the fabulous photo below was taken by yours truly)

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