Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's been a while, so it's extra random :)


"Now with every step, and every breath, I give it all, hold nothing back. With all I am this is my choice, to live to worship You. So with all my heart, my soul, my mind, I love You, leave it all behind. To live my life in awe of You, it's the least that I can do." - Out of Eden "Praise You"

Such an amazing song....and an old one, but I think I'm gonna pull this one back out for this new year of 2011. 2011 is a year of endings and beginnings for me. This year began with the wedding of a very good friend and mentor (Deb McGowan) and the start of my very last semester at IBC...both of which are rather good beginnings :) This year holds my college graduation (an ending), living in France for 3 months (both a beginning and an ending), and then my life as a college graduate begins....scary thought....I will be a for-real adult...oh boy, responsibility here I come! ;) I can't say I will miss being in school...unless of course I make the crazy decision to go back to the U of MN to major in French...(why would I ever torture myself by going back to school!? What's wrong with me!?!?!) But that's not a very strong possibility right now...especially if I plan on travelling the world...I better get rich quick! Hmmm....any rich, eligible bachelors? Jk jk!!! I am not going to miss that horribly annoying IBC makes me want to claw my ears off....and then I would just have bloody stubs on the sides of my head...not a very pretty visual...anyways moving on...The only thing that makes me ever so slightly sad about going to France (other than the fact that I will miss everyone and my doggy) is that I will miss most of the baseball season!! This is soooooo tragic, I can not even begin to explain! :( That means that I HAVE to go to at least one game in May before I leave and then go to as many as I possibly can in September...and no autograph party for me! I don't know how I'll survive without seeing my beautiful boys of summer! I won't know what to do with myself next fall when I won't have to move back to Indiana...oh wait, yes I do...I won't pack everything up and I'll go to the MN State Fair and eat a ridiculous amount of food including crocodile, ostrich, Sweet Martha's cookies, fried pickles, and who knows what else! I will go to multiple rodeos and probably some fabulous concerts...and I'll take my dog on walks through the park and go riding all the time with Jess....I will scrapbook with my sister, write that song with her that we've always talked about but never gotten around to doing, go to Nelson Cheese Factory and run through the sprinkler in the front lawn....sounds pretty amazing to me! If only all my friends from school could just live in MN with that would be perfection...I think they should all move there...who doesn't want to live in MN anyways?! It's only the most amazing state EVER! We have all 4 seasons, and lots of lakes and rivers, it's a very pretty state, the Mississippi River starts there (which automatically makes us cool), we have the MN Twins, Vikings and Wild...and I suppose I should claim the Timberwolves too...even tho they are humiliatingly terrible...other than Kevin Love...He's a beast...and the Thompson family lives there...what else do you need!? Oh and we are also the state that consumes the most ice cream per you get to eat a lot of ice cream too. And we  are second, only to NYC, in having the most theater seats per capita, so we're clearly very cultured. I could just keep going all day I'll stop...this is weird...I'm in a good mood..for no reason....hmmm...maybe I'm sick....oh no's only weird cuz I'm at IBC and I'm in a good mood for no reason...maybe it's cuz my iPod is playing fabulous music that is making me tap my feet and smile...I like this. maybe I'll go drink some orange juice to make this experience complete...but I think the only thing that would truly make this experience complete would be my mother pulling me off the couch to make me Jitterbug with her...I was not alive in the 70's...I don't know how to Jitterbug...and I try to tell her this every time...but it never stops I have had to learn how to Jitterbug because I'm the only person my mother can pull up and make dance with her. Basically (Natalie, you have ruined this word for me...I laugh everytime I hear it or say it), I just want to be driving a tractor right now...that always was the hightlight of my day when I worked at Featherbrook...there's just nothing like being out under the sun, just you, your tractor, the wind and your thoughts...such a beautiful thing. How in the world did I become such a mixed up person...I love the city, but I love the country...where am I suppose to live!? I a carboard box on the city line so that I'm half in the city, half in the country...and my horse can just always stand on the country side so I don't get in trouble! :) I'm a genius.

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