Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Frustrations over baseball

Written: 10/10/09

Is it weird or wrong that I get depressed when the Twins lose?! I mean really....they’re in the playoffs! It frustrates me to no end that everyone just rips on them, when they really are a good team...clearly... or they wouldn’t be in the playoffs idiots!!!!  I have so much stinkin homework and then we have choir and singers...both of which I’ve ceased to enjoy... and then come back and practice piano (something I now loathe) and when attempting to be a good student and do my Dictation Aurelia homework that’s due on Mon I couldn’t because there was some idiot in the chapel practicing/playing/beating the drums excessively and wouldn’t stop for like an hr or more. So clearly I wasn’t able to hear the chord progressions on Aurelia so that was the end of my homework attempts. I drowned my sorrows and sufferings with the new Michael Buble cd (Crazy Love) that came out today (well...technically yesterday 10/’s after midnight) and a Louis L’Amour...but not cookies...because I’ve been enjoying those a little too much lately and need to ration them out so they last longer and so I don’t get fat :-D I’m extremely tired and therefore I am cranky and cynical...which is clearly coming out in this wonderful journal entry :-D I’m still in a state of confusion and frustration tho over how the Twins lost tonight’s game...we were up 3-1 and Nathan (our amazing closer!) gave it up big time....he’s not suppose to do that! He never does that! The world is clearly coming to an end because Joe Nathan pitched a bad game. Is it too much to ask for the Twins to win a World Series that I’ll actually remember and be able to enjoy!? Yeah I was alive in ‘91 but do I remember anything from then?...NO! I was stinkin’ 2 yrs old! Seriously...and we’ve been in the playoffs how many times in the last 8-10 yrs and we still haven’t even gotten to the World Series! Which actually has a lot to do with cheating Umps...I hate umpires...they cheat and make horrible calls and never know how to do their job...I clearly should be an ump because I would do a much better job of it then them. But alas I never played baseball so I can’t ever get that job. I think that’s sexist because there is not a female baseball league so a female could never be an umpire. I protest! Ok....I really should go to bed....writing this and listening to Michael Buble’s beautiful, smooth, sultry vocals is putting me to eyes are literally half shut right now....I don’t want to leave the comfort of this futon to climb into my high and lofty tower....oh dear...I’m crashing...falling ever so quickly into the world of slumber, fairies and dreams of root beer popsicles and hazelnuts....ok I really don’t know where that came random head I suppose....goodnight.

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  1. It def was a tower lol! I'm just glad you never fell off! The Twins may get to the World series yet, who knows :)Luv u!