Monday, January 24, 2011

Today begins a week of insanity. It's the week of Live Recording...which means that the only day I won't have choir practice is today. Which means that I have to be uber productive today and get everything else under the sun done. I'm not caffeinated enough to do that....I'm not caffeinated at all right now. And I need to be. I got 7 hrs of sleep...yet I still feel completely drained, ugh. Hmmm...maybe I'll just hafta make a trip to Starbucks when I'm out later :) I haven't had a drink from Starbucks in over a week....I think I'm setting a new record ;) jk jk. I think I'm getting senioritis...oh wait, I've had that since Freshman year...but really. So I bought my daddy a Valentine's card yesterday...and it's the first non-funny card I think I've ever bought, but it's definitely not mushy cards, they're gross and make me want to vomit. And of course the front of the envelope says that it's from his favorite child, which of course is me :D Ya know, sometimes I miss that funny guy. He always gives me big hugs, tells me I look pretty and lets me sit on his lap...he takes me out for lunch or coffee every now and then and always listens to my crazy insanity and when he's riding in my car with me he listens to all of my wild and rowdy music and never says a word. He's a pretty good dad if I do say so myself :) This is an older pic...from 2008, but I love it!

 I have soooo much to do today, just the thought of it makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and stay there all day long weeping and gnashing my teeth (thank you Commonman for making this a typical description in the Thompson family). But I shall refrain from doing that and try my hardest to accomplish everything. I saw the prettiest snowfall last night!! We were all leaving TGI Fridays and the biggest, prettiest snowflakes were falling ever so slowly from the I love winter! The only reason I want spring to come is so I can go buy some Jarritos and take it down to the canals, walk the canals and then lay in the grass in the sun and just enjoy life. And the only thing that would make that even more amazing is if Natalie was with me!! Ah I can't wait to go home for youth week in a week and a half!! Speaking of which I should prolly start picking out songs....

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