Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love...a walk in the park or falling from the top of a skyscraper?

So I have randomly been contemplating the phrase "Falling in Love" ....I don't think it is a very fitting phrase....the word "fall" makes it sound painful, embarrassing and rather abrupt... As I have no experience in this area, and will claim none, I will simply say that from listening to people talk and from observing, it is none of those 3 things....occasionally it is abrupt, but not as abrupt as literally falling. Love sounds so much nicer when it's described like a nice walk in the park, but not so much when it's described like falling from the top of a me that sounds terrifying... It seems to me that it is actually more of a process and you don't just wake up one morning and say "I've fallen in love"...besides love is not tangible, therefore you cannot "fall" into it as you would a lake, a bed or a hole. Yes I know, they are speaking metaphorically, but I suggest that when you start forming and spreading metaphorical terminology that you make sure it actually makes sense. "Falling in love" leads one to think that it just happens, almost as if it is accidental...I mean, you didn't mean to trip over that rug and fall flat on your face did you?....last time I checked my parents made an effort to get to know each other before they got married, it wasn't just a happenstance thing. My dad saw her, liked her, and purposefully went to talk to her. Love grows, it doesn't just explode on you all at once. I think one "strolls" into love more than "falls" into love, it's a gradual thing (ok, some people may "sprint" into love, but that's still different from falling...) And as for the embarrassing part, I mean who really likes falling...especially in front of someone you are highly attracted to!? If you are embarrassed about the person you like and don't want other people to meet them, then maybe you need to rethink some things and figure out why you like them in the first place. (that's just a side note). If I say someone "fell hard and/or fast" for someone I simply mean that they met the person and immediately became waaayyyyy too emotionally attached without knowing anything (aka where the relationship was going, how the other person felt, etc) and they didn't even care because they liked that person so much. And that is not an advisable thing to do (yet another reason why the word "fall" shouldn't be attached to love) There is a HUGE difference between liking someone and loving someone and I think the term "love" gets used way too loosely and thrown around more than it should. Where is all of this going...I have no idea. It was just running through my head and I had to get it out. So there you go, you now have my view on why people do not "fall" in love.  

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