Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Funny looks and Semester goals

It's raining...and 37 degrees...and January...what's wrong with the state of Indiana!? Don't they know it's still winter time!? For real, my friend looked at me funny when I said it was really nice out yesterday (it was around 30 degrees), and upon getting this funny look I said, "Hey this is what spring feels like in Minnesota!" I'm accustomed to negative temperatures this time of year and instead I'm getting rained on. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. I've been  getting lots of funny looks lately...like when I said that I'd had 3 bowls of cereal for breakfast...a guy I'd only known for a couple hours turned and said "Three bowls!?" Yes, three bowls...that is my normal breakfast thank you very much. I have my first piano lesson of the semester in 15 minutes...I wonder what kind of look Master Gorlo will give me upon hearing that I pretty much didn't practice piano at all over break...or since I've been back >:} It gives me a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I did not practice...yes, I am evil, and when I am told to do something for so much time every week it makes me hate whatever that thing  is. I love playing the piano...when I'm not forced to. Must be the rebellious side of me coming out....hmmm...maybe I should work on that...someday...in the future... ;) jk jk. I think this rainy, dreary day will be perfect for curling up on my futon with some books (probably textbooks although I'd much rather it be a Louis L'Amour or something else), a cup of wonderful Starbucks coffee made in my wonderful French press (compliments of the best sister in the world, Natalie Thompson), a blankie and some wonderful music. I will be productive (repeat 10x). I have actually been amazingly productive this whole semester (the whole week and a half it's been going!). I started incorporating jogging into my daily walking routine yesterday and by the time spring gets here I will be able to jog the entire canals first time out (that's my goal at least). I have gotten all of my homework done early, have gotten no less than 6 hours of sleep in a night (usually closer to 7 or 8....which is a great achievement at IBC), have kept my room very clean and made my bed everyday (please tell Mom about making my bed Natalie...I know she will be utterly speechless), I have walked 6 out of every 7 days, prayed and read my Bible everyday with the exception of one I do believe, and I have tried my hardest to actually look like a decent human being everyday and have only slightly failed at this once. So I would say I'm having a rather successful semester so far....we shall see how long this lasts....hopefully til the end! Ok piano lesson time...farewell!

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