Thursday, January 13, 2011

Falling in love with fall

Written: 11/02/09

So today was pretty fab....for the most part....except for the fact that I still cannot hear out of my right ear...which has been going on since Sat. night. :P It is making me extremely angry and irritated. It drives me crazy cuz I can’t really hear and everything I do hear and say is echoed in my head! Arg! So I called my insurance company today to find out which Nose, Throat and Ear Docs are covered by my insurance and then I called them and they have 7 docs at that office and the earliest appointment any of them had is for next Tuesday at 2 pm! This is insanity! So I have to wait a week from tomorrow to go get my ear checked. Anyhoo so work called me today and told me not to come in cuz there was no work and so since it was a beautiful fall day I texted Alison to see what she was doing. So me and Alison went to the Indiana Museum of Art (IMA) gardens. We climbed on the sculptures (which you’re not suppose to do!) and took pictures and walked around pretty much all of the gardens.

It was absolutely gorgeous!!! We had so much fun takin pics and then on the way back we both wanted Starbucks so Alison looked up the closest one to where we were and got directrions to it on her phone and we went there. It just happened to be the coolest, most amazing Starbucks I’ve ever been in! It had a fireplace in it and the furniture and decorating was fab! It very much so had an UpTown feel to it....which we all know how much I love UpTown! So I got a pumpkin spice latte and a pumpkin cream cheese muffin (which was delish!) Over the weekend I turned into an old lady cuz I had to get up early both Sat and Sun. So Fri and Sat nights I went to bed early and then last night I went to bed early becuz sleep is my only relief from my ear driving me insane. But since I went to bed at like 10:30 last night I got up at 8:30 this morning when I didn’t even end up having class til 11:20! So now I’m already getting tired and wanting to go to sleep...and it’s only 10:03 pm!!! Ah! I can’t be an old lady!!! Why does money have to be so important and necessary!? Why can’t it just grow on trees!? I want a money tree. Almost as bad as I want my ear to be unplugged :P Money is officially stupid. And I want some so I can go Christmas shopping. Which I prolly won’t get to do until the day after Thanksgiving. Which reminds me how much I want Thanksgiving break to come!!! It’s 3 weeks away from tomorrow!!! Well, it tech doesn’t start til that wed. but I’m leaving Tues right after my last class.... I miss riding so much!!! And I miss my puppy so much!!! I hope that we can get that puppy that Amanda’s future mother-in-law has!!! I’ve wanted another doggie for a while now...but Mom and Dad always told me no :P and now that I’m gone they think about getting another one! It would happen that way. I miss my daddy a lot of the time. He’s my bud. So I’m actually pretty excited about the choir going and singing in St. Louis this Sat! It’ll be a good time. I’ll only ride with ppl I like and then no one will die and I will be happy!! I don’t even remember what we’re singing at or for, but it’ll be fun. Hopefully we don’t have to wear our choir outfits...but we prolly do :P Have I ever mentioned how soothing the sound of Josh Groban’s voice is?! It is amazingly beautiful. I would marry that man if I could. He would just need to find Jesus first...and then everything would be grand! ;) He could even sing to me in French! =D Then life would be perfect! I need to get an external hard drive so that when I do get a new laptop I can have everything on it and just switch it from one to the other...and besides then I wouldn’t have to worry about losing everything if this one...or any future laptop...decided to crash....which this one has been known to do...but usually only when Nate hits it really hard because he gets mad about it being to slow or because he’s mad at whatever game he is playing! He’s such a funny. I can’t wait to see him at Christmas time! Eek! It just needs to go straight to Thanksgiving break so I can eat a lot and go shopping and then from that straight to Christmas break! That would be amazing!

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