Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Inspiration Without Ideas

So I absolutely love the story Julie and Julia...and I have since it first came out. I love it for many reasons 1) because it obviously reminds me of Paris, all of my wonderful memories there and makes me miss it soooo much 2) it makes me think of my fabulous friend America, who I first watched the movie with and who I still plan on deboning a chicken with! 3) it's about food...and I love food...especially French food 4) it inspires and motivates me to do something similar. And that is where I run into a problem. I was thinking about this story the other night and was once again filled with inspiration and motivation...I wanted to start my own Julie/Julia project right then and there....quite literally because it took me like an hour or more to fall asleep cuz my mind wouldn't stop running...quite irritating... anyways, so I get all of this inspiration and motivation and then proceed to get stuck at the same exact place as I always do when I think about this. I have NO idea what to do! I want to do the same type of thing, set a goal of something to accomplish within a years time, I just might not blog about it.... or I might.. you never know ;) Cooking is out of the question, even though I have the Julia Child cookbooks, because I just don't love cooking...sad story I know. And like in the story it needs to be something I enjoy, like she says, cooking is an escape for her from her every day life. But also like in the story I want it to be something that will either better me, or hone a craft/talent....not just something that won't benefit me in the end because then that's just a wasted year of my life. So ideas I have thrown around but squashed are reading like 100 books in a year (I LOVE reading) but then I thought about it and unless all of those books are like self-help, beneficial books I won't benefit from it...and I can tell you now that if I read 100 books they are not all going to be educational, improvement books...sooo I threw that idea out the window. Then I thought about learning so many new classical piano pieces...but then I thought about that one too and was like, really Abby, how often do you just go sit down and play the piano...not that often. I do love playing the piano, but it's not like a huge passion or anything, not like my sister. So I feel like I wouldn't fully enjoy that or possibly not accomplish it....sooo I threw that idea out too. My newest idea is kind of a vague one, and I'm not sure how it would work, but if I did so many crafty projects: like embroidery, photo editing, sewing, etc. because I do like doing all of that stuff, I'm trying to get an Etsy account started and that would push me to do that and make some money off of it, and it would be bettering a talent.... but I'm still not completely sold on the idea...partially because I'm not exactly sure how I would set the goal, or how it would all work out...anyhoo. So I bursting with this motivation and have no idea where to go with it. So if anybody reads this silly blog of mine at all.... and if you have any suggestions, PLEASE feel free to comment with your suggestion, email me, facebook me, text me, etc with your idea. because I REALLY want to do this. I feel like right now I need a goal, an enjoyable yet challenging goal. And I feel like I'm in the perfect place in my life to do this. I am busy but not over the top busy. I don't have other people that I necessarily have to worry about taking care of...it's just me! So yeah, shoot me any suggestions and ideas you may have or tweak any of the ones I mentioned that you think might still work. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentine

It's Valentine's Day....and I have the best Valentine in the world...and no I am NOT about to say Jesus like all of the other Christian girls that don't want to feel like a loser on Valentine's....I have Sadie, my puppy dog :)

And the reasons why she is the best Valentine ever are as follows: she loves me unconditionally, she gives me kisses when I cry or am upset, she jumps and dances with me when I'm happy and excited, she is perfectly content to lay in bed and snuggle with me when I feel like it, she will watch any movie with me...and keep my feet warm while watching it too! lol....she never decides that she likes someone else, she will never break my heart, she stares at me with those big, beautiful brown eyes and melts my heart, she tries her hardest to always please me, I don't ever have to do things to try to impress her...she loves me for me :) ... I don't have to get dressed up and put on airs to get her attention, she goes on long walks with me, she never complains, she listens to me when I ramble on or vent, she hates it when I leave, she misses me like crazy when I'm gone and is beyond excited to see me every time I walk through the door :) the list could continue to go on and on but I think that this will suffice for making my point that I really do have the best Valentine ever...and while she might not buy me chocolates and flowers, she loves me everyday of the year and is always there for me and that my friends is worth WAY more than chocolate and flowers...and yes I do realize that this is a dog I'm talking about ....but that saying is just oh so true... "the more people I meet, the more I like my dog"...People come and go, love you, hurt you, annoy you, etc...but not a dog! I have been made very aware lately that I am indeed still single, but instead of moping around and/or being bitter on Valentine's day I am choosing to be happy, enjoy this day and be thankful for the wonderful Valentine that I do have in my life! Not to mention that there is always my daddy who has been the best Valentine a girl could ask for every year for the past 22 years :) I will most likely go buy myself some chocolates and maybe some pretty flowers today, because  no one knows better than me just how wonderful I am! ;) Lol! I have always seen this day as just another really good excuse for me to buy myself and consume delicious chocolates and it be completely acceptable! And I am always on the look out for those kinds of excuses :D  Chocolate really is a girl's best friend...I have never understood girls that don't like chocolate...there must be something REALLY wrong there...they  prolly need some meds and therapy... just sayin. I will be spending my Valentine's day at PetSmart, covering a coworker's shift so she can spend the day with her bf since I am the only single one left lol! But I get to spend the evening with 2 of my favorite boys!! Hank (a request shih tzu puppy) and Rio (cutest yorkie puppy ever!) so I am guaranteed a night full of puppy kisses! :) Who could be mad about that!? Not me!