Thursday, January 13, 2011

The end is drawing near, but not fast enough

Written: 11/30/09

Back at school….is depressing :P Thanksgiving break was wonderful…and I was so happy to finally be able to have Thanksgiving at home after 6 yrs of having it in Indy…but it was soooo short! And the fact that I knew I was coming back to school for just 2 ½ weeks didn’t help anything either. It seems a waste to come back for so short a time. Oh well…only 3 more semesters to survive….I can do this right!? It’s starting to get cold out!!! I just wore a hoody to work and was freezing when I left! It feels like snow is on its way =D I can’t wait til there’s snow! It doesn’t feel like Christmas is less than a month away cuz there’s no snow! But I am writing this by the light of my most beautiful Christmas tree in my dorm room!

I am also writing this on my daddy’s laptop which he insisted upon giving to me. He’s such a nice guy. I love that guy very much =D He’s the bestest daddy ever and he’s all mine!!! Well he’s Nate’s and Natalie’s too…but ya know…. I’m hungry and my hands are still cold from driving home…I’m thinking some Mrs. Grasses Chicken Noodle soup would be amazing…with extra MSG of course =D So I should prolly make some and then go practice piano since I have lessons tomorrow and we all know that I did not practice over break! Poor George is delusional in thinking that we would all practice 10 hrs over break…. I’m jealous cuz Nate is at home right now…and I’m not. I wish I coulda seen him. He would come the day after I leave wouldn’t he :P  Oh well…at least I’ll get to see him for a few days over Christmas break! He’s gonna love his Christmas present! I just wish that he was getting more than one thing from us all…but it was an expensive present! I know what mom and dad got me….cuz I tried it on =D lol! So I’m in a traveling mood and really want to go somewhere…preferably somewhere that I haven’t been yet. Somewhere on the west coast or somewhere not in America at all! I always want to go back to France of course…but right now I’m feeling somewhere warm (odd I know) like the Bahamas, or Hawaii, or south America….ya know something along those lines would work out great. Sadly the bank account would never allow it even if I did have time to go. Hopefully business picks up so that I can make some money. :P I don’t know why its so incredibly dead but I don’t like it! It scares me cuz I’m stuck with this profession for 2 yrs and if I can’t make enough money to support myself then I’ll have to work 2 jobs, which I do NOT have time for! Nor do I have the stress levels to handle that. Oh well, Jesus will work everything out. He got me this job so He’s gonna work it out and He knows what’s going on cuz I most certainly don’t! Alright I really need to get moving or I’ll never get off this futon cuz I’m tired the way it is. And I still need to practice piano! :P I can’t wait until this semester is OVER!!!! God help me to survive these last 2 ½ weeks! Il Divo is helping me get through this night!

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