Thursday, November 3, 2011

The art of waking up

So I got about 10 hrs of sleep last night...and I wake up with a headache and big, dark circles under my does this happen!??! Today is when I'm suppose to wake up refreshed and looking half way decent! So to remedy those problems I actually did my hair so that I wouldn't look completely terrible and then decided to take the dog on a walk so she won't be too mad when I leave for work and she's home alone for a few hours....I hadn't looked at the temperature for the day yet, but didn't feel like being cold for half an hour so I decided to break my winter coat out for the first time this year. So I get myself and the dog ready and we go outside and the cold air hits me like a brick that's how you wake yourself up! The first few breaths I took were those good deep ones when the cold air burns your lungs :) and I could see my breath every time I breathed out. My nose and ears quickly went numb and my hands stayed in my coat pockets the whole walk. A few minutes into the walk I decided to check the temp on my phone...and at 9 a.m. it was still only 25 degrees out!! I am glad that I didn't just wear my hoody like I'd planned lol! And while it might sound like I'm complaining about this experience I'm not at all...I love this weather and it woke me up nice and fast! I loved that I was walking through leaves and the ground was still covered in frost and the wind had that nice, cold bite to it! Now if it would just hurry up and snow!!! I want it to snow SO bad! The first thing I did upon arriving home was put a mug of water into the microwave for a cup of hot, mint tea, which I am currently enjoying as I write this blog :)

So the moral of the story is that while this morning started out kind of terrible it has slowly but surely improved and I am now wide awake, still have a slight head ache, but am in a much better mood...which is also partly due to my super cute doggie that comes running into my room when I wake up and cuddles with me and gives me good morning kisses...that animal is my life... and I wouldn't want it any other way! :) So I'm really contemplating working some serious overtime this holiday season....we're allowed to work overtime and so I'm debating working either 10 hour days on the 5 days a week that I work or working 6 days a week....maybe not every week but some weeks....cuz this month has been really slow at work so none of us are making a lot of money right now but we always get slammed and get crazy around the holidays so they need us to work I could just make bank for about a month and a half and stick a bunch of it in savings and buy everyone nice Christmas presents!! ....and maybe lose my sanity doing it....but I never had much of that to begin with anyways... ;) I have wanted to go ice skating so bad the past few weeks!! I really want to go to the Minneapolis Depot, downtown Minneapolis and go ice's the best indoor place to go ice skating! I'm procrastinating getting ready for work and making phone calls right now...sadly I'm running out of time to procrastinate :P ..... and my stomach and growling at me and telling me how hungry it is...and a Starbucks breakfast sandwich keeps sounding more and more amazing...and so does a peppermint mocha....I shouldn't spend the money....oh man this is a tough call....where is my sister for intervention when I need her!? Oh yeah, she's working at Starbucks...maybe that's a sign that I should go there.... ;)

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