Saturday, October 29, 2011

All things Christmas and random

So the other day me and a friend (who will remain nameless to protect the innocent) were talking and she was saying how right now would be a good time to have a boyfriend since another guy isn't quite getting the hint that she isn't interested...and he is....So I was of course trying to add to the conversation and said "Yeah, I could use a boyfriend too.... me cute, fuzzy teddy bears!" At which point my friend started laughing really hard and says, "Forget the teddy bears, what about dinner!" To which I quickly replied "Oh yea! Dinner...and teddy bears!!!" :) So there is my current logic for "needing" a least the logic that I could come up with in a 2 second span lol! Speaking of boys...and beautiful ones at that....all I've been listening to since Monday is Michael Buble's new Christmas's beyond wonderful! He has an original song on there called "Cold December Night" and it's definitely one of my favorites! He writes the best songs...and this one is no exception...he wrote the most genius lyric EVER! It's on the bridge of the song and he says "They call it the season of giving, I'm here and yours for the taking (repeat), so kiss me on this cold, December night..." GENIUS! Why has no one ever thought of that before!?!?!?! Every time I hear it I get a big smile on my face because the amazingness of the lyric hits me every single time. Brilliant. And now speaking of Christmas.... I put my tree up in my room last night! :) It's my little 4 footer...but I love it :) It just has the lights and tinsel on it because I need to get some new ornaments to better match my bedroom here so I'm waiting til I have all of my ornaments to decorate it so that I don't have to rearrange and take stuff it needs to be Nov. 1 so that all of the Halloween stuff will be gone and all of the Christmas stuff will be out cuz no one has their ornaments out yet :P I'm actually writing this sitting on my floor next to my lit up tree, while Christmas music plays and a pine scented candle burns in my room...pure if it would just hurry up and snow!!! I want snow sooooo bad and NY and the rest of the East Coast got a bunch of it today...and I'm extremely bitter and jealous :P I also want a gingerbread latte...I've been craving one for at least a week now...another good reason for November to hurry up and get here! The other night I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep and thinking of how adulthood isn't all that it's cracked up to be...and I could only think of about 3 good things about being an adult...I will share those with you now: 1. On a rare occasion you have money to buy yourself something nice, 2. You can drive yourself where ever you want to go and 3. You don't get grounded for saying rude things to people...I'm sure there are many more perks to being an adult than that...but late at night and half asleep that was all I could come up there you have it. I love DSW because they always have fabulous shoes and a rewards program but the problem is that since I'm enrolled in their rewards program I keep getting all of these fabulous coupons and deals and it makes me feel like I MUST take advantage of the coupon and/or deal and go buy another pair of shoes!!! This is simply unfair...especially since I shouldn't spend I am currently exercising great self control and NOT using my 2nd $10 off coupon that they sent me.... yes that means that I used the first one, BUT I did need a new pair of brown flats, so it was used out of necessity. See I was able to justify it...and now I have a fabulous, new pair of brown flats :) being a girl is so wonderful sometimes....most of the time it's just awful, but times like that it's pretty grand ;) So I'm trying to decide if I just want to stick with bulb and snowflake ornaments for my tree or if I want to try to find silver Eiffel Tower ornaments and use those too to go with the Paris theme in my room.....hmmmmmm......decisions.....oh boy I need to go write my Christmas list so that my family can buy me wonderful presents ;) For once I'm having an extremely hard time writing a Christmas list...this never happens to me! I'm the kid  that wrote the 10 page, size 8 font Christmas list! (No joke, ask my siblings...they still make fun of me for it to this day.... *sigh*)


  1. #1. I loooove reading your blogs! I love how I feel like I'm in a conversation with you! lol
    #2. You've inspired me to get a little tree for my room this Christmas!
    #3. The Michael Buble CD is INCREDIBLE & "Cold December Night" is my ABSOLUTE favorite song! I seriously repeat it at least once or twice! haha
    #4. Three points on being an adult... the third is the best! haha
    #5. I'm not sure why I'm still numbering these... but since I started, my OCD won't let me stop. lol it's quite the predicament.
    #6. I need to get in on DSW Rewards!
    #7. I'll be done now but I do enjoy your blogs! Good luck on your christmas list!! :)

  2. I completely feel you on the whole numbering thing...once I start I can't stop lol! I'm definitely OCD...ask my sister, she makes fun of me all the the temp control in my car cannot be on an uneven number unless it's 5, like it can be on 75, but it can't be on 73 or 77 or 79 or I'll change it up or down to the next even my sister will change it on purpose just to watch me freak out and change it's rude...and seriously get in on DSW rewards! It's worth it! Especially when you actually need a new pair of shoes!