Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome back Abby :)

I'm baaaaaccccckkkkkk!!!!! :) Hello from Abby and Sadie! It's been a long time...and soooo much has happened but I'm not even about to rehash the 3 most amazing months of my life that I spent in can read my other blog to find out about those...but now that I'm back home and back into the groove of things I'm feeling more and more Christmassy every day! (You knew this was coming sooner or's fall and when fall comes Abby gets obsessed with Christmas) This really has been one of the nicest falls we've had in a while. And while fall is my favorite season, Christmas is my favorite holiday with winter being a close second for my favorite season...sooooo I've decided that all I really want to do this winter is go on my first ever for real sleigh ride. Not one of those "sleigh rides" where you are pulled in a hay-filled wagon by a couple horses...that's a hayride. I want to go on a for real sleigh ride! I've wanted to ever since I was a little girl (dream inspired by Little House on the Prairie books lol)....sadly  it's never happened :( I want to go on one and get to sit in the sleigh, low to the ground with a big, warm fuzzy blanket over me and a horse or 2 pulling me across the beautiful white snow! *sigh* hopefully this dream will come true one winter of my life....
So the other day I was wishing I was one of those beautiful, rich girls with the fabulous wardrobe, lots of friends and the beautiful boy friend.....until I quickly realized that if I was that girl, everyone would simply love me because of my looks and my money...that having that fabulous wardrobe would mean having waaaayyyy too many choices every I have since then decided to be content with being normal, average me...that way I am guaranteed that my friends love me for quirky old me...according to all of my family and friends my wardrobe is already big enough ;) and whenever that beautiful boyfriend does eventually come along he won't just like me cuz I have a pretty face or a lot of money...but he'll like me for me....weirdness and all :) So this is the face that I make to all of you people out there striving to be Barbie doll or some other ridiculous, unattainable person :P Jesus wouldn't have made you if He didn't like you. So there.
Have I ever mentioned that the N'Sync Christmas cd makes me smile no matter what?!
I have been on a rather creative kick lately and am embroidering robots on my t-shirts....and now on a t-shirt for my manager cuz she loved mine, and my mom wants Christmas themed dish towels for her kitchen so if I can ever find Christmas transfers I'll be making her those too....I always feel like an old lady whenever I say that I embroider lol! So it's always been one of my little secrets that I never share cause people are like "You do what?!..." They just don't know that it actually means you can make your clothes look way cooler by putting things like robots on them :)
I bought new comforters for my 2 twin beds in my I can get rid of my striped comforters that look like they belong in a 12 yr old boy's room....which I can't say much about since I did pick them out....granted that was 6 years ago and at the time they were one of the few blue and brown options out there...I guess that's what happens when a girl makes her room colors that are commonly thought of as "boy colors"...that's just sexist. So now I'll just go to JoAnn's and buy pretty blue and brown fabric and make covers for the white comforters that I just bought! Look at me being all crafty! Who knew!?
Well as fun as writing a new blog has been I'm completely exhausted and about to just die right here on my bedroom floor...which would be tragic...then I'd never get to enjoy my new comforters....or any more N'Sync Christmas music...or go on that sleigh ride that I've been dreaming of for years....or eat more chocolate....ok for real I'm going to bed. Good night world.

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