Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My last full day in America

So today was my last full day in America...I fly out tomorrow for France, where I will live for 3 months....this is a bittersweet thing. I will miss my family and my poor dog who will not understand why I have left here and will therefore be the saddest one of all (which utterly breaks my joke) She has been sad ever since she saw my suitcases come out yesterday :( I wish I could just take her with me! The whole thing still seems hasn't really hit me yet that I really am flying out tomorrow...I thought this day would never come it just always seemed so far away. But I prepared myself for being bereft of American food...I ate hot dogs today, for dinner we had grilled chicken, baked beans, grilled corn on the cob and salad, I had a Rolo McFlurry from McDonalds and then to end the day I had none other than Taco Bell for my fourth meal ;) My first time eating Taco Bell since I left school and it sure tasted good :) I had to get my fill of it before I left...3 months without greasy, cheap Mexican food is a long! I hate that I can't take my phone with me...I'm going to be lost without it...I'll have a phone, but it won't be my phone and I won't be able to talk to or text my friends from it because it's just gonna be a pay-as-you-go phone that I'll just use for contacting people in France prolly. Thank God for Skype! It's funny how attached we get to our little electronics...I mean what will I do without Facebook readily accessible to me every second of the day!? lol! I had the dreaded revelation the other night in the shower that I will have to cook for myself for 3 whole months! I don't hate cooking, but I don't exactly LOVE it either. I like to do it, but not necessarily every single day...and besides I've been at school for 3 yrs now and haven't exactly gotten to hone my cooking skills. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fabulous cook, but I only have a couple recipes actually memorized and I don't know how accessible all of the ingredients we use here in America will be in France...or how we will see how this excursion goes. I really don't mind cooking it's just a daunting better believe I will be spending a lot of time on Bon Appetite's website finding new recipes to try so I don't get bored with my food! lol! Well I gotta get some sleep so I can tackle all of the last minute projects before flying out tomorrow afternoon! I shall try to keep you updated! Au Revoir!

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