Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random happiness

It's all winding down...I'm halfway through my last week of actual classes, we had Sr Chapels last week...I was hardly nervous when I gave my speech!...shocking, I queen of nervousness :P If I could change one thing about myself it would prolly be nerves ruin everything :P oh yes, I also sang alto in Sr weird...I mean I can sing it, but have never had to here! I've done it a couple times at home...but so random...oh yay I'm going to go pick up my grad announcements! They're here...I'll be back....

I'm back!! I def ran to the front my packed and then proceeded to skip gleefully down the hallway and couldn't wipe the stupid grin off my face...I'M GRADUATING!!!! Only a week and a half left!!!! AHHHHH!!! I can't wait!!! in case you couldn't tell...I'm a little excited about this :)

Anyhoo, so yesterday I led worship in Chapel and am so glad that it is over with and that I will never have to do that again. It was rather intimidating...and waaayyyy out of my comfort zone because I'm used to leading from the piano and I wouldn't  let myself, so I made myself stand out there on the platform and lead, to just increase the nerve factor....why do I do these things to myself?...because I'm a Nazi...even when it comes to me...and I make myself do things that I know are good for me and that will challenge me and help me overcome my fears...I should be nicer to myself ;) In other news, there's only a month and a half until I leave for France!!! WHOO HOO!!! The money is slowly but surely coming in and I know Jesus is gonna provide for me! He opened the doors for this trip and everything has fallen perfectly into  place so I know it's His will, so if He wants me to go then He'll make a way for me to get there! I just can't wait to be there.

This weather needs to make up it's was so amazingly beautiful out Monday so I went to the canals with Kristen and we walked the whole way around and then went to target and go Izze and I got fruit snacks too :) And then last night it stormed like crazy all night long (which was absolutely wonderful!) and then today it's cloudy and cold :P I want it to be warm and sunny!!!!! Anyhoo, I'm off to buy Toby a bday present cuz he turns 22 on Fri! yay!!! Happy birthday to my bestie!! (who just happens to be the best bestie ever and who got me an amazing Polar Express has the book, a cd, a tape and a bell!!! It made my day to say the least) Au Revoir!

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