Friday, April 8, 2011

Sr Recitals and Baseball

My Sr Recital is I feel prepared? Not really... am I nervous? Not yet... Will I be? Oh dear Lord, YES! And this is why I bought a bunch of bananas a couple of days ago....Bananas naturally calm you down, therefore I will eat the whole stinking bunch before my recital and hopefully will be in a coma-like state and not be nervous...which I know is all just wishful thinking, but it would be nice if it would actually happen! I can't wait for tonight to be over! I plan to thoroughly enjoy myself tomorrow and have a little bit of fun to reward myself for all of the torture that Sr Recitals put you through. I can't believe I'm graduating in less than a month. There's 2 weeks of classes left, a half week of finals, our senior trip to Chicago, packing, grad banquet and then graduation. And then the drive home! Which will be ended by driving straight to Hyland's cd release party/concert if I have my way :) I must support my friends!!! I think my parents might actually go for this plan too...they're pretty cool parents if I do say so myself ;) So much to do, and sooooo little time...makes me want to have a panic attack, or just curl up in the fetal position in the corner and not move until graduation...but if I did that then I wouldn't be graduating and would therefore defeat the whole purpose. I want to go shopping for France. I want to be care and worry free and just enjoy life for a little bit....instead of worrying about homework and grades. I can't wait until I'm back at the University of MN where I don't care if I make a 4.0 GPA because it's virtually impossible to do there. And then I'll be living at home and taking French everyday, and working at the PetSmart that I actually like working at, and eating good food, and playing with my doggie every day...and yes I did write a thank you to my dog in my Sr Recital program :) She's important too!!! What I really want right now is for this stupid dislocated rib to go back into place. It is annoying...and painful. :P Can we talk about all of the anger and bitterness I now hold towards Nick Swisher for sliding into and breaking my poor little Nishioka's leg!? He's just a tiny little guy from Japan trying to learn how to play 2nd base since he was always a shortstop and you're gonna do that to him!? After he was doing so good and making his wonderful little MN Twins debut!? You ruin everything Nick Swisher and if it was ok to hate, then  I would prolly hate you. .... but we'll just have to settle for strongly disliking you instead since Jesus said I shouldn't hate. I should never allow myself to go on the Twins website and look at all of the new shirts and makes me want to spend a LOT of money!!!! cuz apparently I don't think there's such a thing as having too many Twins shirts, jerseys, or hats :) I just love them so much! And I hate that I'm going to miss most of the season when I'm in France....but I'll be in France...sooooo I'm not really that bitter....I'll just have to buy MLB TV for my laptop! Yay!

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