Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm Proud to be an American

I saw one of the most amazing and moving things ever yesterday. I was driving to America's apartment, which is approximately an hr's drive away, and about 15 minutes into my drive on 465 E I see a cop car with it's lights on in front of a mass of motorcycles, clearing the way for them...for the next 45 minutes I drove past nothing but motorcycles, a solid line of them coming towards me on the opposite side of the highway....they were still coming when I got off my exit. Almost every motorcycle had an American flag, big or little, flying off the back of it. Every on-ramp to 465 W was blocked off so that no traffic could interrupt this flow of motorcycles. Obviously I was rather confused at first. Especially when I saw that on every single overpass that I drove under there were at least 2 emergency vehicles parked on it (fire trucks and ambulances) with other cars lined up along it as well and a solid wall of people standing along the overpass waving at the motorcyclists and each overpass had at least one American flag draped down the middle of it. Every farm that I passed had the family in their truck in the field up against their fence watching and waving as the motorcycles drove past, there were cars pulled over on the sides of the road doing the same...and many of these people had the mini American flags and were waving them as well. I realized about 15 minutes into this procession what was happening....half way through this mass of motorcycles there was  one motorcycle with a box-type thing attached to the back of it with glass sides and an American flag draped over it...and inside was a casket....all of these thousands of people (and there were literally thousands...imagine driving for 45 minutes past nothing but motorcycles and most of them having 2 people per bike...and they weren't driving slow) had turned out for the homecoming of a fallen soldier. Obviously he must have been a biker....but the amount of people on every overpass and on the sides of the road and in the farm fields was amazing...It honestly almost made me cry...I can't even begin to describe how powerful and amazing of a display of love and respect this made me truly proud to be an American. The fact that an entire interstate had to be shut down for a couple hours and that thousands upon thousands of people would get on their bikes and spend an entire Friday afternoon/evening honoring a fallen soldier is pretty amazing. I honor and respect each and every one of our service men and woman and can't thank them enough for everything that they do for our country. God bless America!

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