Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh how I love Spring

It is March 21 and it's 72 degrees outside right now!!!!! It's partly cloudy but it is positively wonderful! I have my Adele Pandora station playing on my phone and my window in my room open. There is green grass growing outside the said window and sunshine pouring into my room. I am loving this day! I don't have to work but I do have a junk load of homework to much so that I feel like I will have a panic attack every time I think about it but even that cannot get me down on this wonderful spring day! It's one of those days that makes you want to go to a park, grill hot dogs and chicken, eat Sun Chips (the Harvest Cheddar kind), eat watermelon and play baseball and's one of those days where me and Natalie would have bought Jarritos and/or Coke in a glass bottle and gone to the canals to walk around and lay in the would be the absolutely perfect day to take in an outdoor baseball game...or to just play a game of croquet in the backyard like we used to do in Waseca....speaking of Waseca, it was spring days just like this one when us Thompson children would walk down to the bike trail and climb out on the trees that went out over the lake, collect rocks, pick flowers and wander aimlessly around getting into all kinds of mischief with Matt :) it would be the perfect day to go rollerblading or biking on that very same bike trail...down to the nature walk where we could walk through all of the tall grass and see all of the beautiful butterflies and flowers and scream when a snake crossed in front of us. When living at ABI it was spring days like this when me and Natalie would walk down to Rainbow Foods and buy ice cream and Popsicles and eat Popsicles the whole way back to the house :) Those are all memories of wonderful times on spring days...but another place this day makes me want to be that I have not yet experienced is France....Paris...or any of France on a spring day like today would be divine.

Walking up and down those old cobblestone streets past the old houses with thatched roofs and flower boxes in every window...past the little shops with the owners dogs laying about in the doorway and courtyards...a cup of good, strong espresso in one hand and a fabulous classic novel in the other...the sound of French filling my ears...their music surrounding me...yeah I could definitely go for that....sitting along the Seine River watching people dance to the live music and waving at the boats full of tourists that float past....I'm loving the thought of all of this! Ok, now I should go do something productive with my life so that I'm not feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed...but I think I shall sit outside while I am productive :)

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