Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Break Where Art Thou!?

I packed my first box on Thursday. I packed a box of books from previous semesters. I have 6 more weeks of classes...3 weeks until spring break....and then 3 more weeks after spring break. There's 60 days until graduation I do believe. In case you can't tell..I'm ready to be done. But only with the school part. I don't want to leave my friends. That would be the part of growing up that I've hated, and will continue to hate, the most: the part where you lose really good friends due to moving and/or just going your own ways. We all say that we'll stay in contact and that we'll visit each other..but I have 2 older siblings that have gone through college and said the same things to their friends and it rarely happens. So depressing. :P I fully intend to enjoy these last 2 months of my college life! But yet still be responsible and get everything done on time :P Really all I want to do is just hang out and have fun now...I'm sooooo over the whole school thing. Senioritis has overtaken me :)

I am loving and hating our weather right now. It was 57 degrees out yesterday and it felt amazing when you walked outside...the only was raining...and has been cloudy and/or raining for like a week now and nothing is going to change according to my 7 day forecast on my wonderful little smart phone. I loved that the power went out last night! All of the girls came screaming out of their rooms...I came out laughing. I thought it was grand! Good thing my secret Valentine (Michael Mast) had bought me a candle as one of my presents otherwise I would have been completely in the dark, so I lit my candle and proceeded to have a good time in the dark :) I took a shower in the dark...well I had my candle in the bathroom, but it was still pretty much in the dark. The power came back on sometime between 1:30 and 2 a.m. at which point several girls went running down the hallway yelling and screaming....I had been almost asleep so this did  not make for a very happy Abby who then sat up in bed and yelled "SHUT UP!" and then proceeded to go back to bed :) It gives me great satisfaction to be grumpy sometimes!

It needs to be spring right now! I don't want to go to work today...and if it were spring break then I wouldn't have to! I could be at home curled up with my puppy dog! Or going to Uptown to go shop some vintage stores with my sister! I hope people aren't still ice fishing when I go home for spring break....cuz that means that it's too cold! I've been spoiled with an early spring here and don't want to go back to subzero temps for my spring break....cuz isn't spring break when you're suppose to go somewhere warm anyways!?
I just thought you all should know that my hair looks extremely hit today, but I don't care because my entire day is going to be spent washing and grooming dogs. So I wouldn't have looked good anyways. I hope I make good money cuz I def didn't the other 2 days that I worked this week! I'm so sick of being broke! I can't wait until there is no more school bill to pay!!! Ok, time to go to work....toodles!

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