Monday, March 7, 2011

Decisions and Trepidation

There are few things in life that can make me happy regardless of anything else...and those few things are of course Jesus, and then my dog, a few select bands, my sister (unless she's the one causing the reason for unhappiness lol!), and the MN Twins. It is Day Apart today and for the first time in my entire life I am feeling ever so slightly Rascal Flatts is keeping me company while I wait in my room for the festivities to begin. They are doing a rather good job of making me happy :) they bring back sooooo many fabulous summer memories for me! Oh to be young and reckless once again ;) lol!!! I wish it was cloudy out :( I want it to be sunny so that I can go to the canals! It's just not the same when it's cloudy....besides it makes it chilly out when there's no sunshine. Maybe I need Starbucks today...!!!! I think that's a brilliant idea :) I want to buy a pretty new headband....maybe I'll have to make a trip downtown Indy today to go to Forever Love at the Circle Center's been MONTHS since I've been down there! They're having Nerf Wars for part of Day Apart...I won't be participating, so maybe I'll ditch then... I'm wearing a bow in my hair today...and that significantly adds to my happiness factor! I'm getting rather upset that I can't listen to Twins games cuz KSTP doesn't broadcast them on the radio..they prolly can't cuz MLB wants you to buy Gameday Audio :P I don't have money to spend on that MLB!!! So just let me listen to them for free *insert ugly mean faces* it's making me angry...and an angry Abby is never a good I've been told. I really can't wait to be in France!!! I will finally get to see Paris at night!!!!! That's the one thing I really wanted to see that I didn't get to last time I was there. I hope there's a Starbucks in Melun...otherwise I'll have to take a weekly trip into Paris to buy me some...cuz we all know I can't go long periods without it! But who's complaining about taking a weekly trip into Paris anyways!? It's only like half an hr away from where I'll be living, so why not!? I was just asked the other day that if I liked it there if I would just isn't that just a tempting idea?! And then last night someone else told me that there's no reason why I shouldn't go back to school and get my degree in French since it'll only take me a yr and a half to 2 yrs...oh man there's sooo many decisions!!! But I mean, I want to be grooming dogs my whole life, or get a job as a translator? A possibly very high paying job if I can get it with the government...and then if I were to end up as a full time missionary in a foreign French-speaking country I could get a job there's brilliant! Except that I don't really want to go back to school right now...besides there's the money factor. :P Oh well, Jesus will work it out if it's suppose to happen...besides I guess I wouldn't mind going back to school if it was to the U of MN...I miss that school sooo much!!! So much to think about and sooo much to plan for the summer ahead! I want a vacation from thinking. I think too much. I would like to stop thinking for a day or 2. I love hoodies :) Especially green ones that say Indiana Bible College Seniors Twenty-Eleven. They're so comfy and warm...and they mean that I am graduating in 60 days! The trepidation that comes with that statement! Hm...I want to read some Shakespeare...alas I shall have to go find him somewhere in my bookshelves...if I didn't leave the poor man in MN...Au revoir!

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