Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My growing family

Yeah so it's been a while!!! I've been meaning to blog but there's been this small thing called my brother's wedding that's been taking up most of my time. It happened on Saturday and was perfect and beautiful and wonderful! :) It seems to me that I get all of my blogging ideas and inspirations when I'm trying to fall asleep...or am in the process of falling asleep...and then I don't remember it the next day or am no longer quite so passionate about whatever I was ranting about in my half delusional state the night before... But I just got home from my second week of French class (Intermediate level 1....yay I'm moving up in the world!!!) and while at class had a happy reminder that gentlemen do indeed still exist! (Shocker, I know!) Now if you are a guy reading this do not take that as a man-bashing comment...because it's not. Any guy that is in my family or is a friend of mine would all do kind, gentlemanly things for me....but guys that don't know you have ceased to do random nice things for women. That is the kind of gentlemanly behavior that I am talking about. We were half way through our 3 hour class and me and another girl were sitting right under the 2 air vents in the room. The other girl (whose name I don't's only the 2nd class remember...) said something about it being cold. So an older man that is in our class said "I'll switch with you, I'm always hot!" so they switched. I just sat there quietly and didn't say anything even though I too, was cold. The other guy in the class, a younger guy prolly in his early-mid twenties, waited a minute or two and then stopped the class to ask me if I was cold too. I had been sitting with my arms crossed and noticed him looking at me after the other girl switched but didn't think much of it because obviously I wasn't expecting some guy that I don't know to do something nice for me. I said that I was but I would be fine and he said "No, let's switch, I can sit there." for which I was very grateful for and we promptly switched chairs. So for all of those me....there are still gentlemen and they aren't guys over 50 who were raised to be that way! Ok so there's my happy thought for the day :)
In other little family has grown since the last time I blogged...which I'm sure you all know about anyways since I'm continually posting pics of my life on facebook for the whole world to see. Back in March (the 15th to be exact) I bought Ellie, my beautiful '06 Volkswagen we just had our 6 month anniversary on Saturday. We're quite the happy pair!

She runs like a dream and has a sunroof, a sport option so that I can drive really fast :) heated leather seats, a nice big trunk, premium sound system, satellite radio (if I want to pay for it), a 6 cd changer...oh and the list could go on. Basically I love her! We've gone to Indy and back and made 2 trips to Madison and will be going to St Louis in 2 weeks! I got approved for my very own loan (no co-signers or anything!) which was pretty much a miracle since I've never had a loan of any kind before!
The second new member to my little family is Rue! My new (very naughty) puppy! I got her back on June 9th while my whole family was in Madison :) You really shouldn't leave me home alone for a weekend... I buy cute puppies off of Craigslist! The fam knew I was looking for a puppy but hadn't been having any luck in my search and it just so happened that while they were gone I found her on Craigslist and took a coworker with me to look at her and what do ya know she came home with me! :)
She was 6 weeks old when I picked her up...she is now almost 22 weeks old .... so approximately 5 months old. She is a black and tan coon hound, pointer and something else I can't remember mix. But she pretty much just looks like the coon hound. She's ridiculously cute, extremely stubborn and kinda naughty. My mom says she's just like me.... I don't think she means it as a complement either :P She just got spayed on Monday so she gets to wear a cone and she hates it so much! She's terrified of the thing so whenever she starts getting naughty we just pull it out and then she runs away and starts acting like a good dog. 
Pitiful huh!? Sadie gets along with her pretty well...she acts like she doesn't really like her but she misses her if I take her to work with me so we know it's all lies!
Friday I pick up my newest baby....and iPhone 5!!!! EEEKKKKKK!!! *happy dance* I've been waiting for it to come out since February when I almost got the iPhone 4s but decided to wait for the 5. I ordered it in black and it's going to look amazing! So basically the year of 2012 has consisted of my family growing and/or God blessing me :) And speaking of growing families I now have a new sister...technically a sister-in-law but who likes to say that whole mouth full! Scotia is now a Thompson and we are all so happy about it! We love her to death and couldn't be more happy with Nate's choice! I mean really look how cute they are:
It was an honor to stand in their wedding....and then to dance back down the aisle :D A friend so kindly told me that I was my own version of 27 Dresses since I've now been in 4 weddings and have 2 more that I've already been asked to be in...and since some of my other close friends are dating now too we'll see how many more I'll be in in the next year or 2 :P in the words of a coworker: "Always a bridesmaid and never a bride huh?!" lol! I'll have a closet full of fabulous dresses that's for sure!
Ok, I think I've inundated you enough for one night.... maybe my next post will be a little more interesting and not so much a life update...who likes those anyways?! Goodnight all!

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