Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Bucket List

I always thought bucket lists were dumb.... because most bucket lists I saw had completely  unattainable things on them. I get having extravagant dreams and wishes but why make a list of them and torture yourself?! Well I had some extra time on my hands today and was doing a lot of thinking... (dangerous...I know...) and the realization hit me that there are so many things that I am always saying "I want to learn how to do that" or "I have always wanted to do that/go there" and a lot of them are completely attainable things! They are crazy, out there, cost a ton of money things. I just have never worked them into my budget or my time. I tend to live the crazy day-to-day life, getting caught up in the moment and not making time for the things that I really care about....therefore I end up not accomplishing that much and rarely doing things that I truly enjoy or things that better me.

Sooooooooooooo I started writing a bucket list in my journal.... it's already 2 full pages (front and back) long... and I keep adding to it....I am for sure leaving a 3rd page blank because I know I'll keep adding... But the beauty of it is: it is full of things that I can start crossing off as soon as I get back home and other things that are attainable but may not happen for several more years, things that require classes and learning, things that will make me a better person and things that are purely for enjoyment, there are places to visit, goals to achieve.... yes, there are a couple things on there that may never happen but they are not unattainable things they are just far out things that depend on the path my life takes. Right now is the best time in my life to have a bucket list and start crossing things off of it. I am young, I am single, I work a good paying job (therefore I have spending money....something I hear disappears once you get married....) I may not have A LOT of free time but the free time I do have I can spend as I chose. I have bills and responsibilities but nothing that is completely tying me down to one place or keeping me from going and doing. Therefore I am determined to start taking advantage of my youth and single-hood and start doing and learning those things I've always wanted to do and learn! I think it is healthy to write out your goals and dreams and to then be able to physically see them be crossed off. If you don't you never really realize ALL of the things you have achieved! I was looking at other bucket lists today and saw so many things on there that I have been privileged enough to have already experienced and accomplished, such as visiting the Eiffel Tower, seeing Mona Lisa, living abroad for 3 months or more, going to London, seeing the Grand Canyon, owning a car, learning a 2nd language, reading a book, getting a degree, and the list goes on, do something you love (job speaking).... but I wouldn't have ever thought of myself as being all that privileged if I hadn't first seen them on someone else's list, not yet crossed off.

So I say Carpe Diem and let the living truly begin!!!!


  1. I have been thinking about starting a bucket list....I get scared I wouldn't do the things on it though and then be disappointed lol

    1. Dooooo it!!! Write one because then it gives you the motivation to actually do those things!! And put easily achievable things on there too. I have things ranging from "build a mug wall" (something easy and attainable in the near future) to own a horse (I have NO clue when that will happen! It requires me first settling down for good...and who knows when THAT will happen lol!!!) The feeling of accomplishment that will come from crossing just one off will be enough motivation to start conquering the next! I've already been looking stuff up online and planning for one of mine that I want to take on as soon as I get home!