Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Whole Lotta Bittersweet

I'm coming to realize that perhaps the term used most by me in conversation (whether vocal, text, or email), my own personal writing and then writing here on the blog, is "Bittersweet". So many things on this trip have been bittersweet...and I'm approaching yet another one of those bittersweet moments. But before we get to that let me back track and fill you in on the last week or so of my life.

I have been doing some of the same, just helping out with whatever Mikki needs me to do church-wise and then helping with the kids and around the house to free her up to get her own stuff done. Last week we went to the center of Toulouse on Wed. evening to do a little street evangelism. The 3 guys split off and went to find people to talk to and it was Mikki and I with the 2 kids. We weren't exactly sure how this was all going to work out seeing as how we had a 2 year old and 2 month old in strollers that we had to take care of as well... we saw a fresh orange juice stand in front of us and Mikki asked me if I wanted to get some. I had just been thinking how I was thirsty and forgot to bring a drink, so I readily agreed. We walked over and Mikki asked for 2 orange juices. I was pulling money out to pay and said in English "I've got it Mikki." Which of course caught the man's attention so he started asking where I was from, etc. So we started talking, come to find out he had spent 3 months in...wait for it....Lincoln, Nebraska (of all places in the USA why there?! I have no idea.). He asked if I was working here. I had been giving short answers in French to him but at that point I turned to Mikki and said "How do I explain that?!" So Mikki kindly took over and began explaining why I was here and what I was doing. He happily proclaimed that he too was a Christian and it opened the door for us, well rather Mikki, to talk to him for a while. He said that he had been about to pack his stand up and go home for the day but felt like he should hang around for another 10 minutes and then we walked up, so it must have been God! We left with his name and number and while I don't know what will come of it hopefully something will!! We took the kids to a play area where Mikki was able to connect with another lady there and get her name and number so all in all it was a fairly successful time for us even with the kiddos!

Now onto the bittersweet part: tomorrow is my last full day here in Toulouse. I have very thoroughly enjoyed my 3 weeks here. The bitter part will be leaving these lovely people on Saturday, the sweet part will be getting to see the people in Melun that I've missed these past few weeks! Being around Mikki these past several weeks has been such a blessing to me. She has been such an encouragement to me and someone that I know I can trust and talk to about life. We oddly have very similar, yet different, pasts. Sooooo different in many ways, yet sooooo alike in so many others. When it comes to our love for France and our roads that led us here our stories are very similar. It's just rare to find someone that you can so easily connect with right off the bat. Yet oddly enough she's played a pretty big role in my France dream since 2011 when she prayed over me at the Pentecostal Convention and confirmed my burden and passion for France and this trip has been no different. She is determined that I am never returning to the States and is also determined to get me to move to Toulouse to help out :)  We shall see what the Lord has in store!!! It's been a wild ride so far and shows no signs of stopping so I've stopped trying to figure out and predict what will come next lol! I'm buckled up and along for the ride!

We are fully prepared to enjoy tomorrow though! We already have our list of snacks to buy for during the 2 soccer matches and we have dinner figured out and can't wait to cheer our 2 teams on to victory!!! It's been a weird 2 days without soccer....we've found other ways to amuse ourselves though :) I will be sad to go but I know we will stay in contact and I know that I will be back down, even if only for a visit!

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