Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Love of Soccer

What am I suppose to do with 2 days of no soccer?....why blog about it of course!!!! So as I am sure you are all painfully aware, the USA is indeed out of the World Cup. I however am not. I have been cheering for 3 teams all along: USA, France and Brazil. Obviously the USA held my loyalty, but now that they are out I am first for France and secondly for Brazil and would be happy to see either of them win it all! You still may be thinking that I am some kind of turncoat or traitor, trust me last night was painful. If it hadn't been for Tim Howard (who deserves some kind of national medal/award/statue/holiday/etc for his AMAZING performance) we would have been completely obliterated, instead we were able to avoid a complete walk of shame and leave the match with some dignity and honor left. He's definitely my soccer hero.

Now to convince you all to join me in cheering  for France. Let me just lay out a few good reasons to cheer for France on Friday when they face off against Germany. They are as follows:
- They are obviously a very good soccer team.
- They're from France
- They have a hobbit playing for them. You doubt me?! Go look up Valbeuna... he's totally a hobbit....and a good soccer player as well. How can you NOT cheer for a team that has a hobbit on it!? (Yes I do call him a hobbit while cheering him on)
- At least half of the team is highly attractive. Don't believe me? Let me give you a few examples:
      - Olivier Giroud. He's basically the next David Beckham. Fabulous soccer player with a fabulous face. He already does modeling for Hugo Boss and is one of the stars of the France team. See for yourself:
Ok fine I won't go through the list posting pictures of ALL of them but there's Mathieu Debuchy, Hugo Lloris, Antoine Griezmann, Patrice Evra, Yohan Cabaye, and Morgan Schneiderlin. You can look them up if you don't believe me :) 

And then there's Brazil. I cheer for them because not only are they a very good soccer team it's also home territory for them and I don't like the see the home team least not right away....if France ends up playing them I probably wouldn't care as much. And then there's Neymar Jr...why yes, like all girls that are keeping up with soccer I have jumped on the Neymar bandwagon...and yes, he's 2 years younger than me. He's just adorable though. And for being only 22 he's quite the soccer star already! Don't know what all they hype is about...well this is what all the hype is about:

Anyways I am very much looking forward to Friday because France plays Germany at 6 pm (my time) and then Brazil plays Columbia at 10 pm. All of the games in this 2nd round of play were SUPER intense! I don't think any of the teams scored in the first half of any of the games. Almost all of the games went into overtime tied at either 0-0 or 1-1. And 3 games for sure ended up going to penalty kicks. Which just makes everything ten times more intense and exciting! SO I can only imagine that this next round of games is going to be out of control! I will be on the edge of my seat, beating the poor couch to death, yelling and eating a LOT of snacky food (when I get stressed out I need to crunch and munch on something). But I am a little sad because Friday will be my last night here in Toulouse and I will miss watching the matches with Mikki and Toky! We've got our little nightly soccer routine down and it'll be weird to have to watch the last several matches somewhere else! But at least our 2 favorite teams are playing on our last day together.. They like Brazil as well. So we shall go out with a bang on our last night of soccer watching together :) 

Oh and here's my new ringtone for my phone :) Have a dance party and enjoy the wonderful music that is played going into and out of every commercial break while watching the matches! I don't know who did the lyrics but a few of them are def wrong lol!

And that ends my obsessing over soccer for the night. I am sure you will hear more about it on Friday when my Facebook feed starts blowing up at 6 pm and doesn't stop til after midnight lol! Sorry about that by the way. I'm sure you all get sick of seeing me update my status every hour about soccer....can't help it. When I love something I'm passionate about it. Comes with the territory folks.

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