Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Viking's Life For Me!

Where to start?! Ummmm let's just say that Copenhagen = mind blowing! It was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered for this girl! I got there Tuesday evening, grabbed some Starbucks at the airport before catching a taxi and heading to my hotel. I hadn't had Starbucks in almost 2 months and let me tell you...that iced caramel macchiato tasted pretty much divine.

After I got settled into my hotel and skyped my parents to let them know I was alive and well I messaged Alexandra and she met me at my hotel with Angelique and Audrey. They showed me around a bit and we grabbed a bite to eat before heading back to our hotels to get some sleep. I was in love with Copenhagen from that very first night of wandering! I would have never just thought of visiting Copenhagen... it's not exactly a huge vacation destination or anything, so I guess I was a little surprised at how much I liked it and how many tourists there actually were! 

Tivoli is the 2nd oldest amusement park in the world and is the inspiration for the Disney parks. I did not go in though... I get sick on rides and it was rather expensive to get in so I didn't feel like wasting money on something I couldn't enjoy... But I walked past it every day and could see through the fence and it was super pretty and looked like fun for those who can enjoy rides! 

My first full day in Copenhagen, Wednesday, I met up with the girls again and we were off to find a good coffee place. We ended up finding this award winning bakery that was simply divine. I grew up eating Danish Kringles from a Danish bakery in Racine, WI but eating the real deal, from an award winning bakery in the actual country.... Oh. My. Goodness. Those kringles were to die for. And their coffee was fabulous as well! We walked around a bit more, visited their Lego store and then headed off to catch a boat tour! The boat tour was incredible and it was the perfect day for it! (The weather was actually perfect every day I was there...) But as a result of that perfect, glorious weather this girl got toasted!!! I was sooooo burnt by that evenings service! My forehead finally started peeling a bit just a couple of days ago and it's been a week! Here's Alex and I on the boat tour:

After the boat tour we got lunch and then went to get ready for the first night of Because Of The Times! Bro Mangun spoke that first night. The next day the morning sessions started at 9:30 am and there were 3 speakers back to back, starting with Terry Shock, then T.F. Tenney, followed by Bruce Howell. I don't think my mind could have taken any more in! They were all soooooo good! That night's service had 2 speakers as well, Terry Shock and Mike Williams. That service was pretty much life changing! God really spoke to me in all of the services, but I must say that night was the most impacting of them all. Between the 2 speakers Bro. Mangun got up and had all of the men on the platform (the main speakers and the superintendents of the different countries represented) form a prayer line with their wives across from them and had all of the missionaries and their families walk through and be anointed and prayed for/over. So I stayed in my seat, praying for them with the rest of the congregation when I look up and see Bro. Nowacki motioning for me to get in the line while he is praying for people... I was like "ME?!?!!" Alex and Audrey were like, "Yes you! GO!" So I went down and through the prayer line and let me tell you.... being anointed by Bro. Mangun and then prayed for by people like T.F. Tenney and his wife, Bro and Sis Howell, Bro and Sis Shock, the Nowackis, the Tuttles, etc is life changing in and of itself! I couldn't stop shaking for like 10 or 15 minutes after I sat back down! The message that followed that, by Mike Williams, was also on point. Alex took a video of  me going through the prayer line and emailed it to me! (She's super sweet like that! I didn't even know she was going to video it!)

The next day was another fabulous, full day. That evening there were several guests that received the Holy Ghost and they took a fan with a few of them back to the church to baptize them! Exciting things are happening in Europe! Revival isn't just for Africa, Asia and South America! 
Saturday we didn't fly out until 8:20 pm so we spent the day wandering around, buying some souvenirs and presents and then sitting in the sunshine by the water relaxing. Alexandra and I got up to go explore the Royal Library and ended up finding this gorgeous little garden tucked behind the library. That was probably my favorite place!

I felt right at home in Copenhagen... everyone was blonde and I LOVED it!!!! For once I was not the minority! The people were extremely nice and I definitely bought a little Viking statue to take home :) Lol! I am Scandinavian and Norwegian, so those were my ancestors! Being in Denmark, and loving it there, really made me want to visit Sweden and Norway. I think it's good to go back and see where your family and heritage came from. I've been to the Czek Republic where my mom's family came from, and I've been to England (we have a little bit of English - hence the last name....) and now I've been to Denmark, which is one of the Scandinavian nations. So I just need to get to Sweden, Norway, Germany and Ireland and I will have seen where all of my ancestry is from! ;) This is me just making up good excuses to travel the world.... :D

We flew back into Paris that evening and thus began my last 4 weeks here in France. I Sunday and Monday in Melun, Monday I worked in the church office and then Tuesday I hopped on the train and headed to Northern France where I am now!

 I will be here in Arras for almost 2 weeks, before heading back to Toulouse to help them get their new church building painted, floor laid and Sunday School room set up. I will be doing some of the same here in Arras as well. I can't believe I'm in my final month... only 23 more days to be exact. I feel like I just got here... but it's ok, because if this is how fast 3 months go buy then Christmas won't be as far off as it seems and I will soon be back to celebrate Christmas and New Years in my favorite place ever..... Paris!!!! :) 

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